22-23 Multiple Subjects Teacher Pool

St. HOPE Public Schools Sacramento, California Sacramento, California


Multiple Subjects Teacher Job Description 

About St. HOPE Public Schools

Since 2003 St. HOPE Public Schools has passionately worked toward the mission of graduating self-motivated, industrious and critical thinking leaders who are committed to serving others, passionate about lifelong learning and prepared to earn a degree from a four-year college. St. HOPE Public Schools includes three charter schools:  PS7 Elementary School, PS7 Middle School, and Sacramento Charter High School located in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento.

We’ve raised the bar and our schools are producing extraordinary results with closing the achievement gap and helping our scholars reach their fullest potential. Our student demographics have a much higher percentage of minority and low-income scholars, yet our state testing scores show much better results than District averages. A few examples of how our model is succeeding include: 

  • Sacramento Charter High School was recognized by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) for being the highest performing High School for black students in the state of California.
  • PS7 and Sacramento Charter High School were named California Education Champions by the National Action Network for being 2 of 16 predominantly African American schools that performed in the top 25% of all schools in California, and each scored a 10/10 when compared to similar schools.  For context, this year there were a total of 90 predominantly African American schools in California, of which 70 performed in the bottom 25% of all schools.
  • PS7 has twice been named a Title 1 Achievement Award winner, and has been recognized as a California Distinguished School and as a federal Blue Ribbon School nominee for its educational outcomes with low-income students.
  • In 2020, 93% of Sac High scholars were accepted into four-year colleges and we are proud to have among the highest percentage of scholars admitted to UCs and CSUs in the Sacramento region.  100% of our scholars graduated meeting UC/CSU requirements compared to district and state averages of 44%.  100% of our scholars with an IEP graduated meeting UC/CSU requirements compared to district averages of 12% and state average of 15%.

 At St. HOPE Public schools we believe in the power of the classroom teacher and know that having three years in a row of excellent teaching can overcome the average achievement deficit between low-income scholars and others.  We consistently ground ourselves in this belief and prioritize collaboration so that we are building upon scholar success year after year. Alignment is essential - we work hard to ensure different teachers, grade levels, curriculums, and academic focus areas are all coordinated and working together coherently.  We take the time needed with our teachers to plan out curriculums that transition smoothly across grades, and foster a collaborative work environment with consistent expectations and support across grades and campuses.

  • At PS7 Middle School, our results highlight the power of three years of good teaching. Our 6th graders enter our system with only 9% of our scholars on or above grade level in math compared to the district average of 25%.  Then after spending three years at PS7 Middle that same group of scholars promotes from 8th grade with 48% of scholars on or above grade level in math compared to the district average of 32%. This same trend is evident in English Language Arts with our 6th graders entering our system with 25% on or above grade level and promoting from 8th grade with 57% on or above grade level compared to the district average of 43%.  

In addition to prioritizing academic achievement, we prioritize school culture. We host several engaging scholar and family events throughout the school year, and we seek to provide a well-rounded experience for our scholars with  far more elective courses than are available at traditional schools. We value our teachers and offer every teacher a robust coaching and support plan in order to develop our teachers into the best possible educators. Their daily efforts are what make this learning environment as successful as possible for our scholars.

In addition to St. HOPE Public Schools, St. HOPE is a family of nonprofits that also stands for economic growth and revitalization.  One of St. HOPE’s most prized development projects in Oak Park is the 40 Acres Art and Culture Center on Broadway unveiled in 2003.  The project involved refurbishing the old Guild Theater and Woodruff Hotel Buildings at 35th street and Broadway, a building that had been vacant.  40 Acres currently includes the Guild Theater, Underground Books, Old Soul Co., twelve loft apartments, and it’s newest addition, Fixins Soul Kitchen. 

Although St. HOPE Public Schools has come a long way in the last 18 years, there is still so much more to accomplish. St. HOPE Public Schools looks forward to continuing its vision of being one of the finest urban TK-12 public school systems in the nation and seeks outstanding individuals who are committed to this journey and willing to do whatever-it-takes to provide our scholars with the best education possible!  Our future depends on it. Our scholars deserve it.

Ready to Join the Team?

The ideal candidate will bring passion and grit to the mission and vision of St. HOPE Public Schools and a desire to positively impact the Oak Park community and help close the achievement gap for our scholar population. They will have a willingness to learn, grow and work hard along the way. At St. HOPE Public Schools, we live by five key pillars:


High Expectations- You not only set the bar high for every scholar, but also for yourself.  You possess a clear vision for what excellence looks like for scholar work, scholar behavior, and your craft.


Choice & Commitment- You understand how your work impacts life outside of your office or classroom. You wake up every morning and commit yourself to doing what's best for our scholars.


More Time- You are one of those people that goes above and beyond in all areas of life. Some people may even say you do too much, but you know that more time equals better results.


Focus on Results- Everything you do is done with purpose because you are dedicated to growth. You believe in data and work tirelessly to reach your goals. You are a problem solver and find feedback empowering.

Power to Lead- You are a natural influencer. You can't help but train and nurture scholars and peers. People are attracted to you because of the way you equip them to succeed.

Position Summary

St. HOPE Public Schools is seeking exceptional teachers for St. HOPE Public Schools. Teachers must have a track record of success and a "whatever it takes" attitude. Teachers will plan and execute highly effective instruction; establish and maintain a strong, college-going classroom culture; and attain exceptional, measurable results for every student.


Candidates must hold the belief that all children can succeed academically and socially and this belief must drive him or her to be relentless in his or her work.


All teachers report to their school Site Lead and/or Manager.


Responsibilities of a teacher include:


  • Develops measurable and ambitious big goals for dramatically increasing student achievement for their classes.
  • Uses the Common Core state standards to backwards plan and create Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, and Assessments.
  • Differentiates plans to support diverse learners in the classroom.


  • Invests scholars in working hard to achieve big goals within the classroom and throughout campus.
  • Engages and challenges scholars during practice time and ensures scholars are focused throughout their learning time.
  • Utilizes effective strategies to check for understanding for all scholars and is flexible in adjusting methods based on scholar responses.


  • Gives daily Exit Tickets and tracks data so in order to inform instruction to best support scholars in the classroom.
  • Engages with families and ensures all stakeholders are made aware of scholar data and scholar progress.


  • Creates a positive classroom culture that is focused on high expectations, respect, and equity.
  • Maintains scholar attention, supports and manages scholar behavior, and creates a classroom culture that is ripe for learning.
  • Creates procedures and routines that support scholar learning and maximize time spent on learning.


  • Has a positive, whatever-it-takes attitude.
  • Collaborates with co-workers and stakeholders to build up campus culture
  • Demonstrates personal responsibility by following processes, procedures, meeting deadlines, maintaining professional dress, and being a reliable team member for both their scholars and colleagues
  • Holds self to high expectations, is reflective, and continuously pursues feedback and progress in their practice
  • Attends and participates in school-wide events both during and after-hours to promote stakeholder engagement and satisfaction



We are seeking a results-driven classroom leader committed to the St. HOPE Public Schools mission, and who holds high expectations for his or herself and every student.



  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Valid California Multiple Subjects teaching credential
  • Appropriate EL authorization to teach EL or SDAIE
  • Examples of a relentless drive and commitment to eliminate the disparity of educational quality that exists
  • Belief in and alignment with SHPS’s mission
  • Criminal background clearance

Highly Desired (but not required):

  • Understanding and experience working with the nuances of urban school environments and school culture
  • Bilingual speaking, reading, and writing abilities (Spanish)


St. HOPE Public Schools offer a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.  This is a full time exempt position and includes a comprehensive benefits package.


To Apply

All candidates for this position must submit the following two pieces of information. Candidates must submit both documents or your application will not be considered.

  1. Resume
  2. Thoughtful cover letter outlining how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of this position and stating how you heard about this opportunity

Submit the application materials via our website at https://www.sthope.org/public-schools-career-opportunities

 As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.