Customer Success Specialist

Customer Service Chicago, Illinois


Position at SteelSeries

Gaming? Check. Esports? Check. Hardware? Check. Software? Check. We could go on and on. The point is we've been helping gamers get better since 2001. In fact, Esports pros have won more money using SteelSeries products than any other brand and we're just getting started. Esports and Gaming are multi-billion-dollar industries, and we're going to continue supporting them through innovative gear and software gamers need and love. We believe in being true to the gaming community, which means being true to ourselves. We create products that help the best of the best be better, and products that help the not-so-good feel not-so-bad. Most of us are gamers, but you don't have to be, we promise! Just don't be surprised if you become one within a few weeks of starting!  

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  • You are a team player at heart.
  • Likes working with Tech: Enjoys learning about multiple software programs and can utilize the knowledge gained.
  • Communicates issues and tasks clearly to provide over the top customer service to customers
  • Organized/Multi-Tasker: Able to keep multiple priorities moving fast in a systematic way.  
  • Prioritize and problem solve: Understanding there may not be just one answer that results in a positive outcome. You can think out of the box.  
  • Has experience working across multiple platforms while staying calm and collected.  
  • Genuine and has a passion for working with people.  
  • You thrive in a fast-moving environment of a fast-growing company, where tasks can evolve from day-to-day.  
  • You have an open approach to feedback and enjoy how it affects you work.  
  • You have a youthful nature, enjoying the social aspects of the job as well as the professional.  



  • Two years of experience in customer service.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to build rapport with customers quickly.
  • Ability to work in a high volume, multitasking environment, while still delivering customized, top-notch service.  
  • A customer advocate mindset, paired with big picture understanding of business goals and policies.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, Zendesk, and Tableau a plus.  



  • Settle in and get to know your new colleagues in Customer Success.
  • Immerse yourself in SteelSeries culture, values to begin understanding FOR GLORY!
  • Dive in and gain a basic understanding of our products and policies.
  • Work hand in hand with trainers to develop basic understanding of platforms and procedures.
  • Begin to own your work and troubleshoot various amounts of customer support scenarios.  



  • Demonstrates ownership of workload by adhering to sensitive SLA’s, keeping up with queues, and upholding expected response times for all inboxes.
  • Clearly and concisely offers explanations through strong writing skills.
  • Serves as a mediator between the customer and SteelSeries when resolving issues.
  • Actively fact-finds and investigates both sides of a story before drawing conclusions.
  • Demonstrates strong knowledge of customer experience practices and speaks competently with customers.
  • Communicates using industry-standard terminology.  


  • Has a deep knowledge of team policies and processes.
  • Utilizes opportunities to share their expertise with the team and business partners outside of the Customer Success Team.
  • Understands the implications/risks of each solution, integrates feedback from others and adapts ideas to select the most effective solution for the problem.
  • Participates in team projects outside of their regular scope of work.  

Please note, SteelSeries US employment is contingent on proof of vaccination.