Digital Content Producer

Marketing Chicago, Illinois


Position at SteelSeries

Gaming? Check. Esports? Check. Hardware? Check. Software? Check. We could go on and on.  The point is we've been helping gamers get better since 2001.  In fact, Esports pros have won more money using SteelSeries products than any other brand and we're just getting started. Esports and Gaming are multi-billion-dollar industries, and we're going to continue supporting them through innovative gear and software gamers need and love.  We believe in being true to the gaming community, which means being true to ourselves. We create products that help the best of the best be better, and products that help the not-so-good feel not-so-bad.  Most of us are gamers, but you don't have to be, we promise!  Just don't be surprised if you become one within a few weeks of starting! 

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You’re obsessed with content and content management. You understand gaming and pop culture and appreciate a good meme. You’ll be responsible for scaling and supporting the brand, campaign, and community content efforts across digital channels-specifically social media. Not only will you be creating content from scratch, but also repurposing content, new and old, for various channels and initiatives across the organization. You’ll be working within the Global Marketing Team and reporting to our Global Director of Social Media. You have experience working across an organization and will have no trouble leading communications about content within different functions of the company: product launches, esports, influencers, publishers/partners, etc.


  • Ability to create, edit, and repurpose content, formatted specifically for social media channels, including but not limited to TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Knowledge of and general skills within Adobe Creative Suite programs, specifically, Photoshop and Premiere
  • Know how to communicate across organizational teams with stakeholders responsible for different aspects of content creation and organization
  • Extreme attention to detail and punctuality
  • Multitasking, specifically being able to organize multiple content workflows for multiple campaigns at a time
  • Familiarity with live streaming and the production necessities behind it


  • Have a solid grasp on company and your individual goals, objectives, and workflows (i.e. “how things work internally”)
  • Have met the appropriate stakeholders and established a regular cadence of communications with them
  • Have started creating content for the brand’s global social media accounts


  • Have restructured the social media content management system across the organization
  • Created multiple pieces of forward-facing content for the brand’s social media pages, including but not limited to TikToks, YouTube videos, and live streams
  • Repurposed dozens of pieces of content to be used across multiple global social media channels
  • Established regular contact with regional counterparts in regards to social media content for products and campaigns


  • Own the entirety of SteelSeries’ social media content production and organization workflows across the company, globally
  • Be creating and repurposing content on your own on a daily and have established a personalized workflow across global social media accounts for product launches, campaigns, and partner activations





Competitive salary

Great benefits

Free gear and games