Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood San Francisco, California


Position at Stratford School

Under the supervision of the Director, the Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education serves as the educational leader of the school to which he/she is assigned. Adhering to the organization’s core values – respect, excellent customer service, always improving, collaborative culture, and high expectations- the Assistant Director maintains a climate of continuous improvement in student achievement.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The Assistant Director shall have knowledge of the requirements for providing proper care and supervision to the preschool/pre k children
  • The Assistant Director shall exhibit clear and concise communication skills and public relation/marketing skills with respect to clients, students, and staff; thereby, developing cooperative, positive relationships with the students, parents, and staff
  • The Assistant Director shall have knowledge of and ability to comply with local licensing agencies
  • Supervisory skills to include, but not limited to the following;
    • Ability to act decisively and promptly in day-to-day operations
    • Ability to remain calm and composed in tense situations
    • Ability to recruit, terminate, employ, train, and evaluate staff
    • Manage student comportment issues, maintain optimum student-pupil ratio
    • Demonstrate strong selling/marketing skills
    • Ability to maintain accurate student/staff records
    • Maintain quality control of the building/office/and on-site operations
    • Well organized and detail-oriented
  • Contribute and share ideas freely with other staff members
  • Use appropriate language in and out of the classroom
  • Appropriately dressed, well groomed, and neat

Strong customer service both external and internal
Cooperative and builds interpersonal relationships
Alert to the needs of others, students, and co-workers.
Punctual and reliable

Professional work ethics to include:
Supportive of the philosophy of Stratford School
Commitment to the idea of continued personal and professional growth as an educator
Commitment to the concept of “team spirit”, recognizing the school as one total group
Demonstration of initiative, self motivation, and enthusiasm
Adherence to polices as set forth by Stratford School


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited or approved college or university with a major or emphasis in Early Childhood, or Child and Adolescent Development

1 year of experience in a school leadership position (Principal, Assistant Principal, Team Leader, etc.)

4 years of previous preschool teaching experience

Will remain certified and current in Pediatric First Aid/CPR