College Counselor

High School Education United States


Position at Laurel Springs School

The College Counselor is responsible for programming that supports and promotes student academic and social development. This position requires wide exposure, experience, and proficiency in catering to the needs of the
school and students.


● Support programs known in the Educational arena to accommodate circumstances that are unique to the
diverse school population while ensuring ethical review & documentation of student requirements on an
official transcript.
● Ensure that Academic Standards and requirements for college acceptance are incorporated across the school
while meeting the students’ needs.
● Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students and guardians through meaningful and
frequent communications via email and telephone.
● Lead live webinar sessions which focus on supporting students’ development both academically based and for
social opportunities.
● Create meaningful communications, such as newsletters, that focus on needs specific to the population of
students on a regular basis.
● Provide support for students, staff, and teachers within the school during office hours.
● Engage in phone/video contact with prospective families who are engaged in the admissions process.
● Perform other counseling-related duties as assigned.


● School counseling certification, Master’s degree required.
● 3+ years of experience teaching or working in a school setting supporting specifically targeted audiences –
middle school or college counseling.
● Experience implementing group programs with measurable objectives.
● Possesses basic math skills and experience using Google Suite and Naviance.
● Analytical, interpretive, evaluative, and constructive thinking skills required.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
● Highly organized.