Senior Admissions Coordinator

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Position at Spring Education Group

ECE Senior Admissions Coordinator  

Reports to  

The ECE Senior Admissions Coordinator reports to the ECE Admissions Director  


While performing all Admissions Coordinator duties as assigned, the ECE Senior Admissions  

Coordinator is responsible for providing administrative support to ECE Director of Admissions via  

a range of tasks related to communication and organization, including hiring, training, counseling  

and guiding all ECE call center admissions coordinators to respond to phone and web-based  

inquiries while providing constructive feedback and coaching. Other responsibilities include  

completing weekly and monthly operational reports analyzing data for continued call center  

improvement; act as a liaison between school administrative staff and admissions call center as  

needed. ECE Senior Admissions Coordinator must have a deep understanding of company’s  

mission and goals.  


Provide administrative support in communication and organization as needed.  

Support in hiring and training of ECE Admissions Coordinators to include process and  

procedures for specific situations up to an including data entry, documentation,  

communication with the school administrative teams and the admissions coordinators.  

Assist in continuous improvement of the call center by listening to weekly calls, giving  

constructive feedback and follow-through with next steps to strengthen individual  

admissions coordinators’ conversations following company policies.  

Prepare weekly and monthly reports analyzing call center data to gain an understanding of  

clear expectations and improve call center performance.  

Essential Skills & Experience  

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in Education or  

Communications preferred  

ECE school administration experience required  

At least 1 year experience as a Spring Education Group Admissions Coordinator required  

Proven understanding of Spring Education Group Preschool instruction and curriculum  

Acute understanding of parents’ needs and industry competitors  

Desire to continuously improve systems and communication  

Passion for helping people, skilled in persuading others and a strong interest in sales  


Strong understanding of a customer obsessed culture required  

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills is a must  

Strong organizational skills and excellent attention to detail  

Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel; NetSuite a plus  

Exhibits strong leadership, conflict resolution, interpersonal and communication skills