Associate AI Programmer

Programming London, United Kingdom


About Splash Damage

Come join us!  
At Splash Damage, we’re dedicated to crafting team-based multiplayer games that ignite
friendships as much as they do healthy competition and teamwork.
Our teams celebrated the launch of Gears Tactics and Outcasters last year and we’re
currently working on several unannounced titles.
As an UnrealEngine focused studio, we're excited to be transitioning our teams to the
latest in UE5 technology and we're looking for skilled and passionate developers to help
us drive this. We're advocates for work-life balance and offer a comprehensive benefits
package focused on the well-being of our staff and their families.
We believe that teams create the best work when they have a range of perspectives and
experiences to draw from.
Therefore, we're committed to increasing diversity across our studio, fostering an
inclusive environment to ensure everyone's voices are heard. Due to the on-going
COVID-19 outbreak, we're all currently working from home. We’re still looking to
welcome new team members, who'll join us remotely until we return to the studio.
The role:
At Splash Damage, we create multiplayer combat games that champion team play and
promote lifelong friendships. Members of the AI programming team are responsible for
implementing new and exciting AI/gameplay features within a multiplayer environment.
As part a sub-discipline of the gameplay team, we work closely with other disciplines to
help them realise their ideas through rapid prototyping and iterative agile development.
As an AI Programmer you will work within cross-functional teams to deliver features on-
time and to a high level of quality. Through regular communication and interaction with
other team members, you will gather the requirements for, and own the implementation
of, key tasks and features related to a wide range of development areas. You enjoy
exploring tasks outside of your comfort zone, and are comfortable solving difficult
problems autonomously where required.
You Excel at:
Working with members of multiple disciplines to iteratively develop features that address
and achieve the high-level goals of the game.
·Working effectively in open and collaborative environments.
·Employing a can-do attitude to solve difficult problems as part of an agile,
fast-moving and highly-focused team.
·Breaking down your work into measurable and achievable tasks.
·Writing clear, maintainable and portable code.
·Communicating ideas, intent and constraints to both technical and non-
technical team members.
You have:
·Experienced and proficient in C ++

  • An understanding of AI behavioral & navigational techniques used in modern
    ·The ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical team
    ·Demonstrable portfolio of programming experience (personal and/or
    ·Self-motivated, strong work ethic, able to work independently
    ·A strong interest in researching and implementing new AI
    related technologies.
    ·A real passion for games and clear enthusiasm for playing games
    Even better if you have:
    ·Professional development experience with real-time networked multiplayer
    games and/or turn-based tactical games.
    ·Professional Unreal Engine development experience.
    ·Experience developing for consoles. Current gen experiences a bonus.
    ·Experience profiling and optimising code for optimal CPU, memory and
    bandwidth usage.
    Splash Damage is an equal opportunity employer. We believe our teams create better
    work when they have a range of perspectives to draw from, and we are committed to
    creating an inclusive working environment that celebrates diversity.