Warehouse Supervisor - Roanoke, TX

Manufacturing/Warehouse Ops Roanoke, Texas Full-Time


Warehouse Supervisor




The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for providing leadership, supervision and daily hands-on guidance to a group of specialists, particularly as it relates to order fulfillment, products, materials, parts, supplies and equipment; and inventory control, system accuracy and cycle counting, testing, scrap/rework determination and equipment. The supervisor will be a hands-on leader with material preparation for Fulfillment/Device loading and QA procedures. This role works closely with the procurement team on inventory receipt, build/unbuild processes and partner with colleagues on overall inventory management processes. The role will work with cross functional teams to operationalize new products/changes within RMA and warehouse operations.  Will work closely with Engineering to resolve device issues and resolution, as well as testing methods.  Work with contract manufacturer and Spireon employees to monitor output of units and resolve quality concerns and with suppliers to return product for rework, establishing required rework and identifying what is good, usable product.




  • Warehouse: Supervises staff to achieve key departmental goals (cost, on time delivery, quality, inventory accuracy) including:
    • Monitors performance and productivity levels
    • Coordinates with Customer Service to investigate problems with devices or devices in customer accounts
    • Partners with Order Entry to ensure the smooth shipment of orders and prioritizing customer needs
    • Leads the fulfillment team by setting priorities, delegating to the team, reassigning resources and shipping orders
    • Works with carrier support teams on technical issues
    • Communicates and problem solves with Sales Engineering
    • Provides training, technical support, mentoring and coaching/guidance and/or subject matter expertise
    • Creates training and employee development plans
  • Process development/optimization
    • Partner with cross functional teams to operationalize new processes/products within the warehouse
    • Work closely with engineering on key device troubleshooting issues and resolution
    • Optimize work bench surface areas, wiring layouts, attachments, computer displays, and tool areas to follow 5S program.
    • Facilitate an engineered, ergonomic work station layout based upon an analysis of the tasks undertaken, operator’s movements, and optimal capacity.
    • Partner with cross functional teams to operationalize new processes/products within the warehouse
  • Inventory management
    • Work closely with Procurement team on build/unbuild of assemblies and sub-assemblies
    • Advise Procurement team on shortages and help keep inventory organized in WIP (work in process) area
    • Work closely with contract manufacturer (CM) to make sure they are following demand plan and building to Spireon requirements.  Also help inventory control with inventory management practices/accuracy
    • Cycle counting to ensure that the entire inventory is counted on a periodic basis.
    • Work closely with inventory team to manage all internal and external inventory locations.
    • Closely manage system inventory and transactions for inventory accuracy.
  • Device testing and reconciliation
    • Manage new product transitions with Engineering, Product Management, Dev Ops, and Software Management to ensure production has the optimal numbers of stations, end to end tested, and all workstations have all necessary software, equipment and are production ready for launch.
    • Work closely with engineering on device troubleshooting issues and resolution.
    • Work with engineering to develop more efficient testing methods.
    • Manage escalations with support to ensure tickets are created, prioritized, and completed in a timely manner, as well as submitted to the appropriate support teams.
  • Carrier Activations
    • Receive and track all activation files for all carriers.
    • Process all carrier activations prior to product going to production.
    • Manage any carrier activations which require escalation to technical support staff.


Performs other duties or assignments as directed by management





  • Management staff of the sales/service, product management, engineering departments
  • Support staff


  • Contract manufacturers



  • Experience working with warehouse systems
  • Working knowledge of inventory management practices
  • Ability to motivate and lead warehouse staff
  • High school graduate or GED certificate or equivalent experience.
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write fluent, grammatically correct English, at a level suitable for communicating with other employees; 
  • Computer compatible and able to use standard Windows applications (spreadsheet, word processing, internet, and email) and other business specific applications to input, update or revise data and generate reports;
  • At least 2 years or more of related experience as a supervisor with various hands-on aspects of warehouse operations, inventory control and QA.
  • Experience provisioning Fleet and Asset units.



PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (Experience, Education, Skills, Other):

  • 6-8 years working in a warehouse environment, with progressively challenging roles;
  • Associates degree, technical education or some college level coursework; 
  • Experience with Lean six sigma and process improvement



This position primarily works in a warehousing environment. It requires frequent sitting, standing and walking.  Daily use of a computer and other computing and digital devices is required.  Must have the ability to lift and carry up to 40 lbs. and work at heights up to 20 feet. May stand for extended periods when facilitating meetings or walking in the facilities.  Some local travel is necessary, so the ability to operate a motor vehicle and maintain a valid Driver’s license is required.   The physical demands of the position described herein are essential functions of the job and employees must be able to successfully perform these tasks for extended periods.  Reasonable accommodations may be made for those individuals with real or perceived disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job described.