Research Associate

Clinical San Francisco, California


Position: Research Associate  


Help us train the world's leading AI for chronic respiratory disease patients. Spire Health is recruiting a  Research Assistant in San Francisco. You will run a study protocol that collects data from patients in a  lab setting, helping them do simple walking and sitting tasks while wearing Spire's sensors. Spire  Health is a health technology company and we need data to develop new AI features in our product.  The data is physiological in nature (respiratory rate, heart rate, walking, etc.) and must be collected  from both healthy individuals and those with health issues such as COPD & asthma. Our research team  is looking for a research associate (6-month contract with potential to extend/transition to full-time) to  recruit and coordinate data collection from research study participants.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Recruit and schedule study participants from around the local area (via social media ads, email,  txt messages, phone calls, chat)
  • Collect data from patients in-person (help participants to visit our office, have them do a few  tasks while wearing physiological sensors, organize Excel spreadsheet) 
  • Organize the collected data so it’s clear for our teammates 
  • Continued contact with patients as they return home (remind them to charge their sensors at  home, remind them to fill out surveys, pay them for their time, etc.) 
  • Troubleshoot technical issues that may come up (software, bluetooth, microphones, etc.) 
  • Manage multiple projects concurrently 
  • Update research staff on concerns or blockages so that you can remain productive.  

Experience and Education:  
  • Experience working with technology and medical devices (e.g., with bluetooth, USB keys, etc.) 
  • Interest and experience working with other people such as study participants 
  • Interest in collecting and organizing data 
  • Able to juggle communication with multiple patients - responding quickly to patient questions about scheduling appointments, compassionate and professional communication
  • Attention to detail 
  • Clinical background: working with patients, dealing with relevant issues, collecting vital sign data from patients 
  • Regulated industry experience (e.g., medical devices, drug development)  

Functional Description:

Recruits, coordinates, schedules, and administers in-person data collection studies on patients in  various states of health. Adheres to protocol guidelines and provides feedback to manager about  study progress. Executes study according to protocol and follows safety guidelines. Ensures data  collection is accurate and consistent. Communicates with team about any potential concerns or questions. Must adhere to the Spire quality management system and be prepared for formal quality control of all work undertaken.  

Work Environment:

Our office is in De Haro in SF (please note there is a chance data collection will need to occur in a  different location, possibly in the East Bay). We estimate that >=50% would be on-site. The remaining  work will be remote. Spire Health has a vaccine policy – please see below.  

About Spire:

Spire Health is a leader in remote respiratory monitoring. We provide low-burden, high-precision  respiratory monitoring and predictive analytics for chronic disease patients. Our service, deployed  around the United States, includes clinical oversight and identifies patients at risk for clinical  deterioration and escalates them to providers to provide timely care.  

Vaccination Policy: Spire Health has a vaccine policy in place and all employees are required to  demonstrate that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and are up to date with any boosters  per CDC guidelines or have a company-approved accommodation to the vaccine policy. Candidates  may request a religious or medical exemption to the company’s vaccine policy, which will be promptly  evaluated by the company.