Staff Data Engineer/Architect

Engineering San Francisco, California


The Staff Data Engineer/Architect is primarily responsible for the Spire data-catalog. The Engineer will design and/or modify Spire’s data-system architecture and will document all data and processing, including data-ingestion, translations, and reporting. The Engineer will bring experience & expertise to Spire’s massive data-system, managing related expenses, selecting and operating 3rd party tools, and will drive strategic planning and design based on our data.


  • Document the entire Spire data-catalog
  • Build change-management & quality processes for the data-catalog and supporting systems
  • Identify resource needs and build/manage a team as needed
  • Understand the entire Spire data-system, including both BI and Clinical data. 
  • Become an expert on our data as it journeys from the Firmware to Researchers and Clinicians, and from internal/external tools to BI reports.
  • Manage & control expenses related to the data-system as we scale to 100k patients. Re-architect where and when appropriate


  • Deep experience completely owning, designing, operating a data-system 
  • Experience with our current stack will be helpful:
    • AWS RDS, Kinesis, Firehose
    • Python
    • Fivetran
    • dbt
    • Snowflake
    • Looker
  • Ability to read/write/debug complex SQL in Snowflake, dbt, and Looker
  • Ensuring data-quality and control
  • Data protection and obfuscation techniques to satisfy regulations while maintaining usability (KYC, HIPAA, etc)
  • Fast learner, can handle steep learning curves without hand-holding
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent Communication skills - verbal and written
  • Ability to collect, manage and analyze data
  • Strong problem solving skills 
  • Teamwork
  • BS in technical field, or equivalent work experience 
  • General familiarity with Spire business domain, terminology, etc

Spire Health also provides additional benefits and is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/V/D).