Parking Manager - CANADA

Other Toronto, Canada


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Primary Parking Manager for 1x Production Team and/or assigned races. 
  • Receives guidance from the Race Director, Construction Manager, Race Project Manager (planning team) and event design to ensure a consistent and quality product. 
  • Coordinates the parking and traffic related planning and ensures execution of all plans within budget.
  • Recruit and hire parking staff/volunteers.  Expected to leverage volunteer groups and hit a budget
  • Assist planning team in filing for and obtaining any permits needed for sign placement or road closures.
  • Support the planning team in reconciling invoices, payment and financial documentation for parking- related rentals, hired services, purchases, etc.
  • When needed, help develop parking plans and go on site visits
  • “Full ownership” of parking and traffic operations including staffing, set-up and teardown of events, parking lot maintenance and coordinating pre-and post-event walkthroughs of all areas in use.
  • Be primary operator of parking once onsite - highly stressful
  • Responsible for preparation, set up, organization and placement of all vehicle directional signs and pedestrian signs including digital message boards and printed signage.
  • Responsible for receiving and directing placement of all rented items in parking lots including toilets, dumpsters, light towers, and rented cones.
  • Work directly with Outside Police to ensure proper traffic control and staffing plans.
  • Responsible for traffic control of all events (ingress and egress of all vehicles and shuttles)
  • Oversee hired parking labor on all events and ensures labor quantity is within the projected guideline.
  • Responsible for informing and communicating event information to the Hired Park Attendant Supervisors, Cashier Supervisors, shuttle drivers, shuttle loaders, and other hired staff.
  • Responsible for maintaining all equipment (signage, cones, delineators, parking tickets, wands, cash aprons, etc.) and ordering equipment for supplemental event needs or maintain inventory as needed.
  • Responsible for minimizing environmental damage to property by attendees or hired staff vehicles.
  • Oversee clean up of trash from all parking lots between race days and after the last race day.
  • Assist onsite leadership in determining pre-event and post-event conditions for assessment of remediation requirements.
*This description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions, however, it does not restrict other tasks that may be assigned.

  • Experience leading interdisciplinary team
  • Proven Leadership and Management abilities
  • Proven success in a rapidly changing, high operational tempo work environment.
  • Have experience working as a Project Manager, Event Planner, or Race Director.
  • Have a proven attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Possess a strong analytical mindset and approach to managing projects and problem solving.
  • Have the ability to forge interdepartmental relationships and build a strong team atmosphere.
  • Possess the ability to communicate effectively through a multitude of mediums across the organization
  • Thrive in an environment where process and doctrine are the backbone for success.
  • Be proficient with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and cloud based computing software packages (Google Drive, Google Earth, Sketch-Up, etc).
Qualities required of all Spartan team members:

Spartan Race is a high-performance organization, and successful team members must therefore possess a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to business. We are innovative, create inventive solutions, and are exceptionally service minded. Team members at Spartan change lives, and have a passion for the organization. Paramount to our organization is the maturity to embrace ambiguity and ability to adapt according to the market and the continuing innovation of the organization.

  • Ability to hold one-self accountable and an aptitude for prioritizing multiple projects
  • Strong sense of teamwork with the ability to foster relationships
  • Proactive, solutions-oriented; capability to identify efficiencies and decrease costs while maintaining a quality workplace environment and product
  • Collegial approach to a business environment and cooperative work style
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skill.