DevOps Engineering Manager

Technical Operations London, United Kingdom

Position at Smarsh

Engineering Manager - Delivery Engineering

As an Engineering Manager in the Smarsh (DevOps) Delivery team you will contribute to solutions that help to raise the quality of our product delivery workflows.

Manual effort and lead time will be your number one enemy, pipelines your closest friend and your mission will be to drive lead time to prod close to zero and deployment frequency as high as possible.

You have a keen eye for waste and seek to drive it out of our delivery systems everywhere you see it.

You will be a people leader/coach/mentor and a hands-on contributor with a background in software development.

Create an environment where the team can self-organize.

Relevant tech stack

- Strong programming proficiency in one or more languages: (ie. Bash, Go, Java, Python, Scala, .Net or Ruby)

- CI/CD Platforms: (ie. Concourse CI, GitHub Workflows, Spinnaker, TeamCity or GoCD)

- Containers: (ie. Docker or Garden)

- IaaS Providers: (ie. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or vSphere)

- PaaS Services (Cloud Foundry, BOSH, OpenShift, K8s)

- Security: (SonarQube, Snyk)

- Monitoring: (ie DataDog, New Relic, OpenTracing or ELK)

- Build and Distribution Solutions: (Maven, Artifactory or Nexus)

Practical experience on some of these topics

- TDD - Test Driven Development

- SOLID / 12 factor

- Accelerate / DORA metrics / Technology radar

- Pair Programming Paradigm

- T-Shapped approach - Generalist Specialist