Life at SiriusXM

At SiriusXM, we cultivate an inclusive environment where all of our human differences are valued, respected, supported and amplified.

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Life at SiriusXM

SiriusXM values are the essence of our principles and beliefs. We are proud to share our company values—the heart of our culture and how we guide our actions and decisions every day.

Our Vision: To shape the future of audio where everyone is effortlessly connected to the voices, stories and music they love

Our Purpose: To create audio experiences that amplify and inspire your every moment



Health & Wellness

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Flex Spending Account
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Plan

Financial Benefits

  • 401K with employer match
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits
  • Identity Theft Protection Benefit
  • Free SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher listening accounts

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Project KIND: Paid Days Off for employees to volunteer with a registered 501c3
  • Charitable Matching Program
    • Since the launch of our Charitable Matching program, SiriusXM has donated over $1,000,000 to various organizations in support of our employee giving efforts as part of our Matching Program.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I Mission

To cultivate an inclusive environment where all our human differences are valued, respected, supported, and amplified.


  • All employees own diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Inclusive leadership is reflected in our culture and evident every day
  • Leader commitment and accountability results in a diverse workforce at all levels
  • DE&I strategy is reflected in our workforce, workplace, and marketplace & business strategies

DE&I Strategic Pillars & Priorities


  • Hiring: Increase representation of underrepresented talent, including People of Color, Women, Veterans, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Retention: Implement programs and partnerships to retain diverse talent at all levels.
  • Leadership Development: Invest in resources and develop programs to enhance representation of underrepresented leaders at senior and executive leadership levels.


  • Inclusion: Create programs and initiatives that foster respect and support for every employee’s unique background and experiences.
  • Leader Enablement: Enable leaders to demonstrate their commitment to build diverse teams and promote inclusion.
  • Equity: Ensure that policies, processes, and practices are administered fairly and equitably.

Marketplace & Business Strategies

  • Employer Brand: Promote the company brand as a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • External Engagements: Connect with external organizations in support of DE&I initiatives and engage with business partners to embed DE&I into their strategic priorities.

Meet our Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Nicole Hughey, Senior Vice President, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Nicole Hughey is responsible for creating and implementing a cohesive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and that champions the company’s core DE&I mission: To cultivate an inclusive environment where all our human differences are valued, respected, supported, and amplified.

She is a frequent contributor to a variety of speaking engagements where she shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Nicole has been a guest speaker on several podcasts and a presenter at several conferences and webinars, including She Runs It 2021 Multicultural Bootcamp, Fairygodboss’ 2021 Top Diversity Priorities, ANA Multicultural Marketing, and Diversity Conference, DiversityInc Innovation Fest, and the Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity. She has most recently been recognized as a 2021 Top 50 Leaders in Entertainment by the National Diversity Council, and a 2019 Top 15 Champion of Diversity by Diversity Global magazine.

Hear From Nicole

- Adweek: How DEI-Speak Can Become Business-Speak With Companywide Adoption
- Pass the (Mini) Mic Interview: Nicole Hughey
- Top Diversity Priorities for 2021


SiriusXM Communities (Employee Resource Groups) provide support, visibility, and empowerment to all employees, especially Women, People of Color, Veterans and LGBTQIA+ people, and people with disabilities at the company.

Mixtape Community of Color

Mixtape is a community that accepts and champions the diverse backgrounds of our employees. Like an actual mixtape, we’re an eclectic group from all walks of life with the goal of building awareness of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the company.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Community

LGBTQIA+ Pride empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, and questioning employees and their fierce allies to serve as a support system and social network for LGBTQIA+ employees.

Women Community

The mission of Women is to influence gender equity in hiring, compensation, and leadership by amplifying Women and partnering with allies. This community’s vision is to activate a culture of community empowerment and diverse leadership.

Veterans & Military Community

The Veterans and Military Community is focused on improving recruiting outreach to those leaving military service or currently serving in the reserves and to assist in their transition to employment with the company.

Disability Community

The mission of the Disability Community is to create a safe and honest place for employees with disabilities of any kind, along with their advocates and allies to gather, celebrate and support one another with the goal of helping us all thrive both in and out of the workplace.

Meet Our Community Leaders


Monica Robles


“This year I celebrate and honor those who came before me and changed the world for us. I celebrate by taking a page out of Sylvia Rivera’s book and join the movement to bring equality and justice for all. That is what Pride is all about.”


Megan Brooks


“Since being hired in 2016, SiriusXM has helped me succeed by providing many opportunities for personal and professional growth. From being a part of our Diversity and Inclusion Committees, to helping achieve company goals by working cross-functionally within my day-to-day role, SiriusXM has always fostered a culture of collaboration, respect, and inclusivity. I am proud to be a part of this company.”


Dana Jung


“Mixtape is such an important part of our culture here. The community has always embodied the “I got you” attitude, and its members are like a family to me. Personally, Mixtape has always offered a safer space to learn, celebrate, and explore. As a WOC, it’s comforting knowing that there is a large community of employees who really hear and see me, and understand the nuances and challenges of being a POC in tech. It’s also so energizing to work with allies who are just as passionate about increasing equity and inclusion at Pandora and beyond.”


Nicholas Brigandi

Veterans & Military

“One thing that I learned during military service that has been helpful to my career at SiriusXM was that attention to detail and completing tasks in a consistent, repeatable manner ensures success.”


Enrique Mosqueda


“SiriusXM has given me the opportunity to be my whole self and allows me to help grow our awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities through the work I am honored to do in the Disability Community.”

SXMFlex - How We Work

We value our people and realize that there is no “one size fits all” approach to the way we work. Flexibility has a different meaning to everyone and embracing our differences and what makes us each unique is what we are all about here at SiriusXM. SXMFlex, our new way of working, gives our employees flexibility while also cultivating the magic we believe comes from being together in the office.

Here’s a look at SXMFlex

Employees are assigned to one of four categories by their team leader.

  • Office First: Some of our employees have jobs that require onsite presence generally 5 days a week. Employees in these roles can benefit from flexibility where possible through arrangements with their managers.
  • Office Ad Hoc: Many of our roles don’t require much onsite presence at all and instead, employees in this category will only be required to come into the office on an as needed basis. These employees will then work remotely the rest of the time.
  • Hybrid: Many jobs only require onsite presence a couple of times a week. Hybrid schedules vary by team but each of the members of this category can enjoy the balance between regular weekly in-office time and remote time.
  • Remote: We completely understand that some employees love working fully remotely. For roles that don’t require in-office presence, we invite all of our employees to let us know if that’s their preference, and managers will accommodate their ask wherever possible. These employees must stay within the continental U.S. and may be asked to come into the office a few times a year.

As part of SXMFlex, our goal is to make our offices as safe as possible. For that reason, everyone must be fully vaccinated to enter. And, no matter the category, there is no limit to how often employees can work from the office.

Wanna start your weekends early? On top of being flexible about where we work, we’re also flexible about when we work. As part of SXMFlex, the majority of our employees enjoy Friday Hours where the workday stops at 12:30 pm local time and the afternoons are theirs. Who doesn’t like to start the weekends early?

So what does this mean for our job seekers? Our recruiters are happy to share more information about which categories are available for a particular open position during the interview process.

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