Director, SWQA

Engineering - QA & Tools Bengaluru, India


The SWQA team is responsible for validating the correctness and verifying the quality of the entire MLSoC software stack.  This includes the system firmware, the runtime environment, the compiler/toolchain, and the simulator. We are looking for a leader who has significant experience in building automated SWQA infrastructure and has a proven track record of building strong teams.

The position requires the ability to work with engineers to understand the system requirements and intended behaviors, drive development of comprehensive test plans that specify the verification and validation criteria, and drive implementation of the test automation suites and individual tests that perform the verification and validation. Extensive experience leading teams that build automated tests for system-level firmware, Linux kernels, and Linux applications is required.  Extensive experience leading teams that program in C/C++, Python, shell, and other languages is also required. Experience with Machine Learning silicon/system testing or compiler/toolchain testing is highly desirable. Excellent communication skills are necessary to work effectively with engineering teams locally and overseas.


  • Build a high performing SWQA team that develops infrastructure and tools to automate end-to-end testing.
  • Drive development of test criteria based on design goals.
  • Drive identification of key points for validation, intended results, and corner-case scenarios for testing.
  • Drive development of comprehensive test plans describing the verification and validation criteria.
  • Drive implementation of  tests using C/C++, Python, Shell, or other languages as appropriate.
  • Drive close to 100% automation using Jenkins scripts.
  • Drive creation of a continuous development and integration (CI/CD) environment that automatically runs tests, reports failures, collects information to debug failures, and automates collection of test results and reports.
  • Drive utilization of tools like Bitbucket, Jira,and Confluence.
  • Lead the QA/Test team members to review and refine their test plans, perform code reviews, and enhance team performance.


  • Minimum 12 years experience in automated SWQA testing, including at least 5 years leading an SWQA automation team, testing and release engineering, managing tasks, and performing periodic reviews and evaluations.
  • Experienced in developing test plans and implementing tests for embedded systems including system on chip (SoCs).
  • Very strong coding skills in C/C++, Python, Shell, Groovy
  • Experience driving multi-site collaboration between SWQA and engineering teams.
  • Use and development of automation tools such as Kibana, SonarCloud, and Artifactory is highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exposure to deep-learning machine technology is highly desirable.
  • Experience with test processes, open source testing frameworks such as pytest and GoogleTest, test design strategies, writing test cases, and automating tests in Python/Java with frameworks like JUnit/TestNG/Selenium is highly desirable.