Staff Physical Design/Timing

Engineering - Hardware San Jose, California


Job ID A!2084

Areas of Focus and Key Responsibilities

  • Generate block/chip level static timing constraints.
  • Build a full chip floor plan including pin placement, partitions and power grid.
  • Develop and validate high performance low- power clock network guidelines.
  • Perform block-level place and route and close the design to meet timing, area and power constraints.
  • Generate and implement ECOs to fix timing, noise and EM IR violations.
  • Run physical design verification flow at chip/block level and provide guidelines to fix LVS/DRC violations to other designers.
  • Participate in establishing CAD and physical design methodologies for correct by construction designs.
  • Assist in flow development for chip integration.
  • Write scripts in TCL and Perl to achieve productivity enhancements through automation.

Minimum Requirements

  • Experience in RTL synthesis for place and route using small geometry FinFET technology (16 nm or lower).
  • Experience in IP constraint development and integration, constraint management and pushdown.
    • BSEE or MSEE with least 10+ years of physical design experience on high complexity SoC designs.
    • Strong static timing experience as a timing lead for complex SoCs with embedded microprocessors and high-speed serdes interfaces (Ethernet/PCI-Express etc).
    • Deep knowledge about industry standards and practices in physical design including physically aware synthesis, floor-planning, and place and route.
    • Strong understanding of all aspects of physical construction, integration and physical verification.
    • Knowledge of basic SoC architecture and HDL languages like Verilog to be able to work with logic design team for timing fixes.
    • Power user of industry standard physical design and synthesis tools.
    • Deep understanding of scripting languages such as Perl/Tcl.
    • Solid understanding of extraction and STA methodology and tools description.
    • Must possess good communication skills, be a self-driven individual and a good team player.

Personal attributes:
Can-do attitude. Strong team player. Curious, creative and good at solving problems. Execution and results-oriented. Self-driven, Thinks Big and is highly accountable. Good communication skills.