Sr / Staff Continuous Integration / Dev-Ops Engineer (AI2131)

Engineering - IT infrastructure & Ops Bengaluru, India


The CI/Dev-Ops engineer is responsible for building and maintaining the build processes for the product development teams to ensure ongoing delivery of completed product builds and integrating the various projects into one complete final product. Expert-level skills with Jenkins, Linux systems, Git/Bitbucket software repositories, and scripting are required to manage and build the integration pipelines. Excellent communication and documentation skills are required to lead and produce daily reporting and weekly status reports and meetings with the development teams and management.

NOTE: This job DOES NOT involve or require cloud service management experience and does not require knowledge of AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, or other infrastructure management tools or environments. The focus of this position is on process automation and development, not infrastructure management, and as such requires extensive programming skills and software process development experience.


  • Design and implement continuous integration and deployment test pipelines using Jenkins in a Linux environment
  • Work with development teams to define build/CI requirements and translate into automated processes
  • Develop extensive build/test/automation scripts in Python and Groovy
  • Develop reports of build status
  • Maintain Jenkins server resources
  • Address build issues and make design changes as required to optimize the process
  • Work across product teams to define and implement the product release process
  • Document the build/test/release process using Confluence and embedded drawing tools, keep documentation up to date as the process changes


  • Must have expert-level coding skills in Python, Groovy, and shell scripting languages
  • Minimum 5 years experience with:
    • Continuous integration in a Jenkins build environment
    • Git/Bitbucket configuration management tools
    • Script authoring and maintenance in Python, shell, and other scripting languages
    • Software debugging/troubleshooting skills in Python and C++
  • Linux OS expertise in system administration, package management, update/patching, image/system deployment
  • Experience with automation and artifact tools such as Artifactory, Helm Charts, and Kubernetes
  • Authoring in Confluence,, and similar tools
  • Project/task management using Jira
  • Working knowledge of enterprise container platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with build/test processes for a Linux kernel/system environment
  • Experience with system management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills