Model Development Engineer

Engineering - Software San Jose, California


Model Development Engineer

Location: San Jose, CA
Job: A12076

Job Description:

This is a hands-on technical role as part of our architecture team that  owns development and calibration of performance models for MLSoC™ . The model comprehends our custom built high performance ultra low power machine learning accelerator (MLA) and the entire SoC subsystem including IO blocks, memory subsystem, internal network on chip, security processor, computer vision processor and the Arm CPU subsystem. This role will work in close partnership with silicon engineering team, compiler/tool chain team, SoC SW team and system solutions team to develop a comprehensive performance model for the SoC and calibrate the model to incorporate performance of compiler/tool chain, scheduler, run time environment for various CPU subsystems, memory, NOC and IO delays. The goals of the model are to:

  1. Enable performance projection for wide variety of machine learning networks
  2. Performance projection for entire MLSoC including specific end customer flows
  3. Guide architectural/micro architectural decisions such as cache sizes, operator support, IO configurations, NOC and memory configurations. 
  4. Help with performance/power trade off analysis

Areas of focus

Develop, maintain and own the end of end performance model for MLSoC. On engineering side, help evaluate architectural trade offs and work with engineers on the micro architecture implementation. On the business side, enable customer evaluation of our upcoming silicon + software platform, help application team to retarget customer flows to achieve desires performance with our solution

Minimum Qualification:

  • BS or MS in computer science with 2-3  years of experience
  • Hands-on experience developing models for silicon
  • Excellent Python or C/C++ programming skills
  • Experience of leveraging and developing on top of Open source software frameworks is highly desirable.
  • Experience in working with silicon teams is highly desirable.

Personal attributes:
Can-do attitude. Strong team player. Curious, creative and good at solving problems. Execution and results-oriented. Self-driven, Thinks Big and is highly accountable. Good communication skills.