E-Commerce Fulfillment Project Manager- Contractor

Supply Chain Fort Mill, South Carolina



Shutterfly is seeking an E-Commerce Fulfillment Project Manager that is needed to document our Peak Season, develop a Peak SOP and audit Peak results data. This person will be working directly with our Supply Chain team. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare a planning calendar for key events and deadlines
  • Coordinate meetings and status updates of key deliverables
  • Ensure alignment between S&OP projections, promotions, calendars and carrier package projections
  • Document actual events right/wrong/suggestions for next year
  • Attend peak relevant calls to note issues/challenges/variation from plan
  • Gather/Develop/Distribute peak scorecards/dashboards from internal sources and vendor partners (Carriers, TMS, Audit, Billing, etc.)
  • Coordinate post peak documentation and high level calendar of events for following year
  • Review data to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Coordinate systems updates as needed