Customer Care Knowledge Administrator

Customer Service Tempe, Arizona


The Knowledge Admin moderates, researches, edits, updates and manages the Salesforce Knowledge Object in support of Shutterfly’s Customer Care Operations. The Knowledge Admin follows processes and technical solutions for the identification, categorization, review, maintenance & management, and retirement of knowledge, information, and data. The purpose of this role is to help execute Shutterfly’s Knowledge Management strategy and to support Shutterfly in effectively communicating accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information to the Customer Care Operations team.

▪ Manage content for our CCT SharePoint site, Knowledgebase, Standard Text, and Email templates
▪ Respond to knowledge inquiries in a timely manner and engage in meaningful knowledge exchanges
▪ Collaborate with internal and external agents, and review contributing content
▪ Deliver quality work on time so that the right knowledge is getting to the right people at the right time
▪ Deliver communications to key members using appropriate channels and audiences
▪ Complete auditing cycles to maintain, edit, update, and archive stale internal and external knowledge articles used by both CCT and our customers
▪ Contribute to drafting and responding to collection requirements
▪ Pin, prioritize, and update CS Alerts, Bugs & Workarounds, Product releases, and more
▪ Work with key team members and SMEs to ensure content is accurate and up-to-date
▪ Track and manage versioning, keywords, tags, and digital assets
▪ Take ownership of all tasks to ensure all deadlines are met

▪ Education – high school diploma or GED equivalent
▪ Minimum average typing speed of 40 wpm
▪ Excellent writing and communication experience and skills
▪ Advanced experience managing and updating digital content, assets, and records
▪ Understands knowledge workflows and knowledge properties
▪ Technical Writing experience preferred but is not required

▪ Excellent organization and time management skills
▪ Able to take complex topics and distill into relevant, easy-to-understand, actionable content
▪ Takes ownership and communicates without delay
▪ Drives for results and commits to organizational goals
▪ Understands who their audience is and develops audience-aware content
▪ Enjoys exploring new methods to improve communications and learning
▪ Knows how to record and store information in a digital format
▪ Ability to work under tight deadlines without compromising attention to detail
▪ Team player who think outside the box – identifies creative, efficient and effective ways to engage users
▪ Willingness and desire to go the extra mile