Data Scientist

Marketing Redwood City, California


It’s a very exciting time for Shutterfly Inc. with rapid growth and massive opportunities opening up with our recent merger with Lifetouch. In addition, our performance marketing team recently committed to one big ambitious goal: Being relevant to our customers across all channels and platforms through customization and personalization. This requires a concerted effort across various marketing teams with data science being one of the strong pillars needed to help realize this goal.

We are looking for an experienced data scientist for our marketing analytics team who will focus on providing end to end data science support by leveraging Shutterfly’s unique and varied data. This involves using cutting edge, cloud-based machine learning techniques and technologies to develop models (deep learning, uplift models), designing and implementing A/B tests, creating algorithms and running simulations, scaling the solution through automation, creating integrated feedback mechanisms for the models to improve and calibrate based on A/B tests, and extensive analytical deep-dives to investigate and find insights

This role will support channel specific as well as cross-channel marketing initiatives in our effort to be more relevant to our customers in our messaging. Knowledge about real life challenges in the marketing domain will be crucial.



  • Work with stakeholders to define objectives and success measures, establish KPIs and measurement time period
  • Design, recommend and implement A/B tests, with learning ability which can be greatly expanded
  • Use advanced knowledge of SQL to pull accurate data from Teradata or Cloud based systems
  • Build machine learning models using R or Python which can recommend who, what and how of targeting
  • Provide actionable insights to drive key decisions across the marketing organization using a range of analytical/statistical techniques, from descriptive analysis to predictive/explanatory models
  • Be a self-starter, motivated by a passion for developing the best possible solutions to problems



  • MS or Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a quantitative field
  • 5 - 7 years of experience in developing machine learning and deep learning models
  • Experience deploying and optimizing models in a production setting
  • Knowledgeable about recent advancement in the field and possess a strong research mindset
  • Deep experience in R/R-notebook and/or Python/Jupyter
  • Demonstrated flexibility in working with large, complex, and ambiguous datasets
  • Advanced SQL skills
  • Strong programming skills to achieve automation and scale
  • Ability to think at both strategic and tactical levels, and implement at scale
  • Work successfully in a highly cross-functional environment
  • Practical experience with distributed data platforms: Map/Reduce, Hadoop, SPARK
  • Experience with Cloud compute solutions, such as AWS, GCS or Azure, preferred
  • Experience with version control systems such as Github
  • Familiarity with Unix