Senior Data Processor

Shutterfly Business Solutions Greenville, South Carolina



• Degree in IT related major (Bachelor or Associate in Information Systems or Computer Science) or equivalent experience in IT with any degree
• 3+ Experience in handling structured and unstructured/semi structured data(flat file, Fixed width, delimited, Json, XML)
• 3+ years of experience with SQL Server, SQL Queries, and database structures
• 3+ years of experience working with a team to build solutions
• The ability to take requirements and build solutions

Preferred, but not necessary:
• Experience in handling Print files of various types (PDF, AFP, PostScript)
• Experience in the Print and Mail business

This position is with the Shutterfly Business Solutions (SBS) Transactional Technical Support team.

As part of the SBS transactional support and onboarding team you will be responsible for the following tasks:
• Building data validation plans.
• Building automated workflows for data handling and document composition.
• Creating reports and doing research that involves SQL queries, store procedures, and views.
• Preparing workflow documentation and release management documentation.
• Supporting the production platform that validates data and composes documents for multiple data sources.