At Shutterfly, we’re all about people — bringing them together, making them feel welcome, and connecting them to experiences. We make our customers’ memories last a lifetime by capturing, preserving, and sharing them through photography and personalized products. Through our family of brands, trend setting products, cutting edge technology, and best in class customer service, we help our customers, and each other, share life’s joy. Lifetouch has been the professional photography choice for schools and families for more than 80 years. Built on the tradition of “Picture Day” Lifetouch captures smiling faces, preschool through high school graduation. We also reach our customers through additional product lines including portrait studios, yearbooks, sports, and events.

Seasonal - Production Associate consists of Consolidation & Shipping, Cutting, Batch Review and Packaging.  Employees will learn all the production jobs and will be utilized wherever needed.

Consolidation & Shipping:

  • Count orders in box
  • Track through Gatekeeper
  • Make sure all items listed on packing slip are in box
  • Pack and seal box for shipping


  • Load processed roll onto cutter and thread through machine
  • Set automatic cutting programs into machines for LPS/LCD
  • Sores images into correct customer envelope
  • Sends envelopes in shipping box to fix-it or Gatekeeper

Batch Review:

  • Pull makeover sheet from printer
  • At fixit enter makeover corrections
  • Reprint all makeovers and place in appropriate cubbies
  • Operate 31Pro printers
  • Match makeovers with studio box and send to consolidation
  • Correct and print expedite


  • Run portraits through texture machine.
  • Run portraits through spray machine.
  • Mount portraits on premier boards.
  • Run portraits through press machine.
  • Hand-cut portraits to the appropriate size and trim off white edges.
  • Place glue and photos on boards.
  • Place boards in press.
  • Spray panels using spray gun.
  • Trim off white edges.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent

Other (knowledge, skills, and abilities):

  • MUST be able to stand 8-10 hours a day in the same area
  • Sit, stand and bend
  • Lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Perform manual tasks requiring dexterity (using paint brush, scissors, staple gun, and operating equipment)
  • Assess portrait color and quality through visually acuity