Shutterfly’s product catalog sits at the middle of our marketplace, connecting suppliers to consumers . . . literally this is the heart of our business.

This leader will oversee the generation and operation of the largest catalog of custom and personal products in the world.  They will drive clarity of strategy and connection to our photo ecosystem, designs and physical products; power both human and machine generation  combination of supply assets in creating actual products; ensure smooth operations at massive scale; lead the connection to front-end, consumer-facing systems across a myriad of brands and both app and web; and lead cross-functional teams consisting of product, creative and operations professionals, working closely with Analytics, Category Managers, ECommerce, Engineering, Manufacturing, Program Management and User Experience.

In this critical role, you will lay the foundation for transforming Shutterfly’s Consumer business and future growth through expansion of our product assortment.

Great to Haves (Your Skills)

  • You have a knack for sensing and structuring opportunities. You demonstrate an ability to identify gaps in not only markets but also see across broad, seemingly disparate landscapes of supply & demand; marketplaces; online experiences and physical products.  You possess both an opportunist as well as systematic mindset that is keenly curious, alert and pushes you to seek novelty wherever you can find it, but with a need to structure and bring order to that novelty. 
  • You have gained your expertise through some combination of years of training, formal education and hands-on experience. As a result, you have a sharp ability to discern what is relevant information and what is not in your pursuit of balancing novelty with structure and purpose.
  • You are both proactive & persistent. Creativity will only result in break-throughs via the act of delivery (execution).  Being resilient in the face of challenges, uncertainty, and adversity separates you from others. 
  • Your experience has taught you to be prudent. Even though we like to think of innovators as risk takers, in reality, they can be quite the opposite.  You fully comprehend the amount of thought and analysis that went into a decision before it was made.   As such you show the right modicum of caution, organization, and risk aversion.
  • Well-developed emotional intelligence plays a vital role here - you are not an individualistic genius and independent spirit that can come up with all sorts of revolutionary ideas on your own. You are leader that understands that progress is almost always the product of teamwork. As such you are an adept networker among people of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, bouncing ideas off of them and building alliances, both within the company and outside.

Great to Haves (Your Background)

  • You have a working knowledge of the principles of ecommerce catalog management and have scaled up a product assortment that tested the boundaries of its catalog and have operated in a high-volume ecommerce and/or marketplace business at scale. You can draw on those experiences but also recognize that there is not a pre-existing playbook of success in this role.
  • You have supported the imagination, building and shipping winning ecommerce products - those that customers love and generated high business value as a result.
  • You have deep experience in at least one of the following functional disciplines: Product Management, Operations, Software Engineering.  You are conversant in all, having worked closely among these disciplines for years.
  • You understand the importance of customer, supplier, market and technology research and can distill actionable insights from all sources of research.
  • You are a skilled Agilist, not in name or talk, but in the depth of understanding and commitment to the ongoing practice and pursuit of mastery around Agile.
  • You have failed at innovating and creating products as well as at attempting to scale them; and have learned much as a result.
  • You understand how to think through the tools, processes, capabilities, metrics and talent that is required to operate systems supporting rapid growth, at high scale & availability.
  • You engender trust not only among your colleagues from multiple disciplines. These people rave about you.
  • You understand the principles behind modern product development.
  • You understand the importance of inclusion and diversity in team composition, thought process and orientations and in product design itself.
  • Educational background in business, engineering and/or product management welcome but none as important as the above.

Learning, Growth & Career Development

This role will challenge and reward the right person with a supportive yet challenging environment to build something that has never been built before.  The role is a direct report of the Chief Product Officer, who is an active product coach and experienced career mentor.  Based on the individual’s performance in role, future opportunities (e.g. career path) could include:

  • Continuing to scale Catalog as the lynchpin in our marketplace. Support the rapid expansion of new products, categories and overall assortment. 
  • Taking another Sr. Product leadership role within the product or operations organizations.


Shutterfly is committed to a “hybrid” work model with a balance between remote work and in-person collaboration.  As such, you should be located proximate to one of our primary product, design & development centers:  San Francisco Bay Area or secondary consideration given to Minneapolis MN, and Tempe AZ.

About Shutterfly

Committed to making all of life’s experiences unforgettable, today Shutterfly is a leading digital retailer and manufacturing platform for photography and personalized products, with ambition to become the world’s leading marketplace of design-centric, personalized products that foster one’s self-expression.

At Shutterfly, we value people who:

  • Own it, by delivering on their commitments and take responsibility to go above and beyond any defined role;
  • Zoom out, to see the big picture and don’t let silo’s get in the way of the success of our customers, communities or company;
  • Move fearlessly, and quickly without sacrificing quality in seizing opportunities and tackling challenges;
  • Explore new angles, through hunger and curiosity, welcoming change, seeking improvement, learning equally from success and failure;
  • Embrace differences, foster an environment where all voices are heard, ensuring others feel respected, supported and appreciated.


Shutterfly operates three divisions: Consumer, Lifetouch, and Shutterfly Business Solutions. The Consumer division helps customers create the most from life’s moments through its flagship personalized Shutterfly products; premium offerings in its Tiny Prints boutique; Snapfish custom photo gifts, as well as wedding invitations and stationery; and GrooveBook, a monthly subscription service. Lifetouch is the national leader in school photography, built on the enduring tradition of “Picture Day,” and also serves families through portrait studios and other partnerships. Shutterfly Business Solutions delivers enterprise digital printing services that enable efficient and effective customer engagement through personalized communications.