Overview & Outcomes

Product strategy is the foundation for business growth. It will define what our products will achieve and how they will galvanize change, catalyze growth and provide clarity and energy for our people and teams.   

This leader will clarify product direction not only at the overall portfolio level but also at the product line or individual product level; lead cross-functional teams in articulating and clarifying priorities and ensuring teams are unified in their pursuits; work to ensure our product direction supports the overall business vision; partner actively with our Business Development team in framing out and developing external partnerships that support our product strategy; and is fully understood and supported by our Sr. Leadership team.

You will play a critical role in transforming Shutterfly’s Consumer business and future growth.

Great to Haves (Your Skills)

  • You have the ability to make people care. Superior product strategists can tie their product direction to market, customer and business outcomes. But, as an excellent product strategist, you go far beyond the numbers, analysis and PowerPoint presentation. You tirelessly look for ways to make others care about the product strategy. You can translate abstract ideas into a concrete race that others clamor to be a part of.
  • You know how to keep others focused. You understand that product success depends not only on making good decisions but also our ability to stick to the choice we have made. You stand out because you dare to defend difficult choices and tradeoffs and say “no”. You stand out because you are willing to take unpopular stands in the pursuit of generating value.  By your example, you inspire others to do the same.
  • You are adept at facilitating a decision process. You strive to get everyone on board the product strategy. You provide strategy information in a language people understand and provide prioritization guidelines to align day-to-day choices with the overarching choice.
  • You know how to simplify others’ lives. Complexity creates opportunities in the outside world. But you also know that copying this complexity on the inside will make life for everyone a living hell. Internal complexity may be the biggest performance killer.
  • You are not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and digging in. The best product strategies are worthless if they are not able to be executed against. Execution against a product strategy is not something other people should worry about. You worry about it . . . constantly.
  • You are an educator at heart. You have no need or desire to show off your strategic thinking skills at every opportunity. Rather, you make it your mission to share your knowledge, educating others on what product strategy is all about, and how to ask the right strategy questions. In short, you inspire others to think the unthinkable. And then—like everyone else—you roll up their sleeves and help the organization succeed.
  • Well-developed emotional intelligence plays a vital role here - you are not an individualistic genius and independent spirit that can produce all sorts of revolutionary ideas on your own. You are a leader that understands that high-quality product strategy is almost always the product of teamwork. As such you are an adept networker among people of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, bouncing ideas off them and building alliances, both within the company and outside.

Great to Haves (Your Background)

  • You have conceptualized new products or services that have led to growth; or have managed the lifecycle of existing ones.
  • You have deep experience in at least two of the following functional disciplines: Business Strategy, Design / User Experience, Product Management, Software Engineering. You are conversant in the others, having worked closely among all three disciplines for years.
  • You understand the importance of customer, market and competitive research and can distill actionable insights from all sources of research.
  • You can relate to a myriad of key stakeholders including Executives, Business Development, Marketing, Customers, Partners, Legal, Manufacturing, Finance, engineering, Product Management, User Experience, Operations.
  • You have developed product strategies that have failed; and have learned much as a result.
  • You engender trust not only among your colleagues but also stakeholders such as executives and partners. These people rave about you.
  • You understand the importance at analyzing new product opportunities and arriving at “go” or “no-go" conclusions efficiently.
  • You understand the importance of inclusion and diversity in team composition, thought process and orientations and in product design itself.
  • You can systematically assess the pros and cons of various business models and pivot to another business model when your current one is not delivering growth
  • You know how to develop a go-to-market strategy; understand how to leverage buyer personas; and articulate positioning and messaging.
  • You are skilled at creating agile requirements grounded in the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ framework, user stories, and epics.
  • You have managed partner ecosystems and know how to create win-win partnerships.
  • Educational background in business, consulting, design, engineering and/or product management welcome but none as important as the above.

Learning, Growth & Career Development

This role will challenge and reward the right person with a supportive yet challenging environment to explore, learn, strategize, and grow. The role is a direct report of the Chief Product Officer, who is an active product coach and experienced career mentor. Based on the individual’s performance in role, future opportunities (e.g. career path) could include:

  • Continuing to lead strategy around new product areas and drive growth across the company
  • Taking a lead role in our Business Development, Brand Partnerships or Corporate Development groups
  • Taking another Sr. Product leadership role within the product organization.


Shutterfly is committed to a “hybrid” work model with a balance between remote work and in-person collaboration. As such, you should be located proximate to one of our primary product, design, & development centers:  San Francisco Bay Area or Haifa, Israel. Secondary consideration given to Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, Seattle WA, and Tempe AZ.

About Shutterfly

Committed to making all of life’s experiences unforgettable, today Shutterfly is a leading digital retailer and manufacturing platform for photography and personalized products, with ambition to become the world’s leading marketplace of design-centric, personalized products that foster one’s self-expression.

At Shutterfly, we value people who:

  • Own it, by delivering on their commitments and take responsibility to go above and beyond any defined role;
  • Zoom out, to see the big picture and don’t let silo’s get in the way of the success of our customers, communities, or company;
  • Move fearlessly, and quickly without sacrificing quality in seizing opportunities and tackling challenges;
  • Explore new angles, through hunger and curiosity, welcoming change, seeking improvement, learning equally from success and failure;
  • Embrace differences, foster an environment where all voices are heard, ensuring others feel respected, supported, and appreciated.


Shutterfly operates three divisions: Consumer, Lifetouch, and Shutterfly Business Solutions. The Consumer division helps customers create the most from life’s moments through its flagship personalized Shutterfly products; premium offerings in its Tiny Prints boutique; Snapfish custom photo gifts, as well as wedding invitations and stationery; and GrooveBook, a monthly subscription service. Lifetouch is the national leader in school photography, built on the enduring tradition of “Picture Day,” and serves families through portrait studios and other partnerships. Shutterfly Business Solutions delivers enterprise digital printing services that enable efficient and effective customer engagement through personalized communications.