Job Bag Assembly ● Assembles and creates bag with all required picture day materials for the photographers. This process includes utilizing Field Operations Workbench (FOW) for printing and assembling required materials as well as verifying job bag contents for accuracy. ● Stages/sets up job bags in designated location for photographer pick-up.

Subject Data (EDT) Processing ● Cleans, configures and uploads Subject Data files (EDT) into FOW and edits as needed. ● Downloads Subject Data to flash drive for Picture Day ● Cleans (remove data from current job) and reformats flash drives upon return from photographers in preparation for future use.

Promotional Materials and Product Support ● Prints and/or copies appropriate last minute picture day flyers, bundles them by account and prepares for shipping. ● Prints, collates and mails Prestige Senior collateral. This will require pulling the designs from the LTCreate tool and then executing mail merge functions for the mailing addresses. ● Designs and creates various products and or marketing materials. ● Provides support for PrintShop order needs for defined accounts. ● Creates and designs account IDs as defined by work order instructions. ● Prints I-Depot/RF ID Cards, including reprints, for accounts throughout the year. ● Constructs and frames composites/panoramics for accounts per the work order instructions. ● Prepares Separate Sale Group sales list using appropriate information from work order instruction to be provided to accounts.
Updated 4-10-19

● Responsible for entries into Shutterware for Expanded Sports jobs.

Shipping and Receiving ● Prepares outgoing job bags and other mail ensuring appropriate tracking information for all shipments as required. ● Receives and checks in completed jobs from Photographers utilizing the appropriate tracking logs and process. Reviews all items for accuracy. ● Packages and ships items to designated lab, satellite location, main Hub location or other defined locations.

Customer Support ● Researches customer issues received from the National Contact Center (NCC) and partner to resolve as appropriate. ● Communicates with labs on work-in-process job issues and relays information to Sales Support team for follow-up.

Office Administration & Support ● May provide office support including answering phones, filing, opening and distributing mail and ordering supplies. ● May greet customers that come into office location, determine the nature of their business and provide the appropriate customer service ensuring their need is taken care of or routed to the appropriate person who can. ○ May assist with payroll management, mileage logs and other expense reporting. ○ May help with on-boarding new employees. ○ May assist with building administration and maintenance. ○ In satellite location, may oversee cash handling procedures are being followed in satellite location as cash is being transferred from returned job bags and being shipped to main hub location (TE Bag tracker, Cash drop box, Security system, cameras, etc.). General ● Represents Lifetouch in a professional manner at all times while adhering to all Company and area policies and displays confidence and professionalism even during times of stress and in difficult situations. ● Uses safe work habits including proper lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, squatting, twisting, and driving techniques and adheres to all safety rules and guidelines. ● Other duties as assigned.
Updated 4-10-19

MINIMUM GENERAL REQUIREMENTS ● High School diploma or equivalent. ● Attention to detail. ● High level of accuracy. ● Ability to handle high volume of work and meet deadlines. ● Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills