At Shutterfly, we’re all about people — bringing them together, making them feel welcome, and connecting them to experiences. We make our customers’ memories last a lifetime by capturing, preserving, and sharing them through photography and personalized products. Through our family of brands, trend setting products, cutting edge technology, and best in class customer service, we help our customers, and each other, share life’s joy. BorrowLenses is the Shutterfly brand where professional photographers and videographers come to rent premium gear online. We are here to fulfill the photographic and cinematic dreams of our customers by delivering superior, cutting-edge gear and providing exceptional customer service. Rent, shoot, return - it's as easy as that!

Shutterfly is looking for a channel marketer or category manager, with significant experience in videography equipment and a combination of merchandising or content creation experience, to manage merchandising & content activities for the BorrowLenses video equipment rental business. 

BorrowLenses is the Shutterfly brand where professional photographers and videographers come to rent premium gear online. BorrowLenses operates as an independent business unit within Shutterfly.

About the Role:

We are seeking someone to work across our video equipment rental category, with a mix of day-to-day oversight and execution responsibilities. Reporting to the Director of Marketing & Product, this is a cross-functional role, working directly with Operations, Purchasing, Marketing and general Business teams to build and improve the video business.

The Video Category Manager will split their time across three fronts to drive the video business and ensure a compelling experience for video customers:

  1. Category Insights: Maintain an understanding of video customers, potential customers, and internal company videographers to deliver insights about the video / rental equipment industry.
  2. Merchandising: Monitor industry trends and past product results to drive recommendations for new equipment additions, working directly with Inventory / Ingestion to bring products in for rent.
  3. Content Creation: Manage video content creation, working hands on or through internal and external resources to develop content to grow the video category.

This role works across the business to support the rental experience across the video category. The ideal candidate has direct experience working with video equipment and in a merchandising or marketing capacity with an interest in growing ownership and responsibility of a category.

Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with business to deliver insights about video customers, acting as the internal videographer advocate to develop and enhance the businesses’ video - equipment offering.
  • Partner with purchasing to ensure the right assortment of video - equipment products are available for customers and are brought to market to create a successful rental experience.
  • Develop a content creation strategy to routinely produce / deliver video content across the businesses’ product lines, in-conjunction with the content needs of the wider marketing team.
  • Represent the video category in other forms of content creation across marketing and educational or internal educational opportunities to support the video business.
  • Identify market opportunities and challenges and or actions for the business to take to retain and gain marketshare in this important category.


  • 3-5 years of experience working as a videographer and / or with mid-level videography equipment in a hands on, technical role.
  • 2+ years experience working to create or manage the creation of video content for educational or content marketing purposes. 
  • Familiarity with the videography market, industry trends and the needs of customers.
  • Project management skills and ability to clearly communicate analysis to a broad audience.
  • Prior experience as a category or channel manager or in a marketing / merchandising role is strongly preferred.