Platform Engineer

Engineering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This posting is to build a pipeline for future positions within the Engineering Team. 

As a Platform Engineer, you oversee the success of the product delivery, runtime environment and engineering ecosystem to deliver business value through championing 
foundational technology for our products and services.

You have an understanding that in order to build a successful devops culture you would need to invest in peopleculture and process instead of just buying tools.

You constantly think about ways to stimulate innovationaccelerate delivery and simplify the engineering ecosystem.

Success | What makes you a successful engineer.

  • High engineer velocity, by continuously reducing toils and implementing tools to help your team deliver reliable and high quality features to customers.
  • Fast problem discovery, yielding benefits and avoiding undesirable consequences.
  • High security and compliance confidence by ensuring all services adhere to supported compliances and constantly monitor for vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce time to market new innovations, to help your teams create intelligent services and solutions that help drive product adoption and revenue.
  • High adoption of Cloud Native practices, by constantly researching, coaching and training teams with industry best practices.
Accountabilities | What you are trusted to deliver
  • Accelerate continuous delivery, by reducing delivery time for new features, improvements and bug fixes to customers, while taking SLO and SLI into account.
  • Improve engineering velocity, by reducing time to productionalize customer facing features, while ensuring reliability and quality is not compromised.
  • High product reliability, by reducing MTTR and increasing MTBF for services owned by your team.
Responsibilities | What you do and develop others to do, as a team.
  • Transition teams and traditional services to cloud-native infrastructure (i.e. Kubernetes).
  • Develop, measure and improve Continuous Delivery tooling, to increase team velocity and the overall reliability of the value chain.
  • Implement solutions to improve the MTTR and MTBF for our services.
  • Influence engineers to utilize observability tools to increase their ability to detect, discover, and intervention issues within their services.
  • Introduce innovative technology to generate technical leverage of the business.
Requirements | What you will need to have.
  • Practical knowledge in modern platform technology such as Kubernetes and relevant CNCF projects.
  • Ability to lead and develop a strong culture of automation through the implementation of solutions “as-code”.
  • Software engineering background, with the ability to construct jobs with a few programming and scripting languages.
  • Experience in architecture, infrastructure, release engineering, software engineering, reliability engineering, etc.

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