Software Engineer

Engineering Sydney, Australia

This is a great opportunity for exceptional graduates who would like to develop their career with an organisation with a strong technology focus. We are looking for a highly energetic applicant to join our team. This is not your standard graduate position - the experience will offer you first-hand experience inside a fast-growing technology company with unique responsibilities, project ownership and autonomy.

As an Agile Developer, you embrace the principles of agile software development, delivering value to customers without ignoring the quality of software and sustainability of the development process. By engaging in continuous improvement with your fellow developers, managers, product team and support engineers, you seek to reduce waste and better manage risk.

In the role, you will utilise multiple languages, tools, and practices. You’ll seek not just an understanding of patterns and principles but also the ability to apply them in real world applications while dedicating time to grow and innovate.

You are not a code monkey. You are a rocketeer.


  • Build high quality products with continuous delivery and kaizen in mind.
  • Discover, design, develop, and deliver value. Be scientific.
  • Work with product owners to define technical scope, build and iterate prototypes with user testing. 
  • Manage quality of process and output. Reflect. Sustain.
  • Deliver features and fixes that delight our customers.
  • Continuously improve the delivery process through retrospection and innovation.
  • Share the knowledge by mentoring colleagues in good development principles and practices.


  • Knowledge of web frameworks and principles. Competent in implementing solutions using established and emerging technologies: JVM languages, Node.js, React, Serverless, Docker, Jenkins, design systems, and others.
  • Able to collaborate efficiently and effectively with the team to deliver value that satisfies customers.
  • Able to deliver quality (software) solutions frequently and sustainably.
  • Confident, enthusiastic, fast learning with great communication and analytical skills. Comfortable explaining concepts on a whiteboard.
  • Background with web technologies and agile development principles
  • A proactive approach to teamwork, confident communicating with team members from our global offices with the opportunity to travel.
  • Detailed, results-oriented and motivated to do your best work every day


To apply, send your resume to this REST service before submitting it to Jobvite.

*Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Please note that this role is only open to current university students and recent graduates.