Software Engineering Lead

Engineering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An Engineering Lead is a servant leader to help develop people and the systems they work with, for the success of the company.

You constantly learn, and discover how to learn, to bring feedback to people and the systems, to make things easier and to develop capabilities for continuous improvement, higher efficiency and greater performance.

You think about Price - Cost = Profit, as opposed to Profit = Price - Cost. That is, cost exists to be reduced, esp. in real competition, where price has already been set by the market. The latter makes you first think about fixing a profit margin, and create value-adds to increase the price for more profit.

You work closely with other Engineering Leads, to build a team trusted and loved by the people, through a strong focus on the pillars of Lean: respect for people and continuous improvement.

Success | What makes you a successful manager

  • Highly motivated engineers with strong leadership from the bottom up. Simply, autonomous team and really happy people.
  • Increased speed of delivery and recovery to meet demands and avoid outages, with the adoption and establishment of good principles, processes and practices.
  • Continuous growth of business and team, as a proof of happy customers and proven products due to operational excellence and strong team fundamentals.

Accountabilities | What you are trusted to deliver

  • Trust and be trusted, by supporting your team to achieve business goals (roadmap and OKR) and personal fulfillment at work. Seek for feedback and approval rating half yearly to understand where you stand as a leader.
  • Increase overall throughput of the systems by taking into consideration of lead time and cost. Lead time should be inversely proportional with throughput, so to encourage delivering in small batches with shorter lead time, without compromising quality (i.e. rate of defects and outages) and compliance, and with lesser cost in the long run.
  • Increase overall efficiency of the systems by proactively identifying wastes in processes as well as mindset of the people. Stay on top of the cost of infrastructure, quality, and G&A, and use them as guidance to make the right decisions for the customers and your team.

Responsibilities | What you do and develop others to do

  • Build learning culture through day-to-day coaching (gemba!) and facilitation of learning programs and rituals, such as retrospectives, Play day, forums, RocketSpeak, Hack week, etc. You are the master trainer to the engineers, which requires you to stay ahead and passionate in your learning, and uphold high standards in your conduct. Your knowledge in application or system development, expertise in relevant technology stacks, and any transdisciplinary capabilities are important to provide informed advice to your team.
  • Guide the team with logical and critical thinking, with tools such as A3 thinking, improvement kata, PDCA, and VSM, to understand current conditions and move toward the future.
  • Maintain the processes and systems to achieve smooth and undisturbed flow of works, which includes adopting and experimenting with good agile & lean principles, processes, practices and tools, not limited just to XP, Scrum and Kanban components.
  • Understand the cost structure of operations and optimize delivery for greater throughput, better quality and efficient operations.
  • Focus on the whole, by supporting and integrating with other functions (S&M, Customer Success, Professional Services, Product Management, Support), and continuously learn from and influence one another with good processes and practices.


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