Agile Developer

Engineering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Code Monkey?

You are better than a code monkey. Agile software development is more than just producing code and shipping them quickly. In our team, we put into consideration the sustainability of software development. We do PDCA on a daily basis to learn and improve the way we work, our products, our people, our environment, and technology.

Thinking Lean

We use *any* languages that fit and make economical sense. We currently have a mix of many things: Java, Scala, Node, ES7, React, Serverless, and a little bit of others sometimes whenever necessary. We also use tools like AWS ecosystem, DataDog, Docker, Terraform, and quite recently Kubernetes to feed our obsession toward operational excellence.

Our primary goal is to build high-quality products with continuous delivery and kaizen in mind.


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

People are the heart of lean. We believe wholeheartedly that work must be designed with learning in mind: 20% of the time is given to invent, experiment, acquire new knowledge, or to prepare ourselves for the next sprints. We call this the Play Day.

We have extended our playfulness further to Hack Week once every 6 months.


We are a company built to last, where culture an people are always at the forefront. When we started the Engineering team 5 years ago, we adopted Scrum and it has helped to instill agile mindset in us and has taught us how to continually improve and to focus on our people.

Since then, we have developed a few homegrown leaders playing important roles in product development. These are people who understand our culture and core values, and have found alignment of their personal needs with company's goals.

There are only a few great things you can build in your lifetime: your career, a high-performing team, a product at scale, and a lasting company. If you are a builder and you believe that we can do great things together, head over to our office for a conversation.


ServiceRocket is a Palo Alto-based company with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Santiago and Sydney. We are a trusted partner of fast-growing companies, helping them to grow and deliver amazing results.

Our flagship product is Learndot, a learning management platform for companies to build e-learning and organize training. We provide our solution to some of your favorite brands and tools including Cloudera, Couchbase, Docker, Elasticsearch, MuleSoft, NGINX, and Puppet.

We are also experts in building apps and bots supporting more than 5000 enterprises today.


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