Internship Lima, Peru



Seize this unique opportunity to work for Selina, one of the world’s fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality brands!

What is Selina?

Our Mission is to inspire authentic and meaningful connections.

Selina was born out of a desire to celebrate the nomadic lifestyle: to experience our planet’s most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travelers, to work and enjoy new adventures.   

Our internal ecosystem consists of Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Tours, Wellness, Education, Construction, Real Estate, CoWorking, Art & Design, Community Outreach, Education, Surf, Sales, Marketing, and Technology.

At Selina, every challenge is a wave desiring to be ridden and since we're all equal before a waveour team is always ready to take them and succeed. But always remember… The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.


We offer a learning development program where you can transform your classroom knowledge and develop your skills throughout all areas in the hospitality industry.

As an HR Rockstar, you will:

  • Experience in the renewal of the harassment, safety and health committee.
  • Support in the control and monitoring of medical breaks.
  • Support in the monitoring and recovery of subsidies

Besides the Selina ultimate learning experience... You also receive:

-Full free access to the Selina CoWork spaces, culture, and wellness activities.
-Your birthday is time off!
-Training Sessions 24/7
-Discounts on Selina products and services for you, your family, and friends.
-3 Free nights Accommodation (Dorms) in any Selina
-Certificate of completion

It only takes to be:

  • Knowledge of current laws on health issues.
  • Knowledge of ESSALUD Procedures (inclusions, breastfeeding, Subsidies) and EPS.
  • Experience in managing the covid-19 situation.
  • Experience in managing private DM and ESSALUD.

This will be unlike any other internship! You’ll have fun, gain incredible experience, and learn constantly.

Are you in?