Value Consulting Intern

Marketing Boston, Massachusetts


The Rocket Ship. That's what we call it. With more than 100% year over year growth for the past five years, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the hottest emerging tech companies. Our product, an enterprise SaaS solution, accelerates sales and marketing efforts for hundreds of the world's largest brands.

Value (aka measurable business outcomes) are at the heart of what Seismic delivers. This position is a unique opportunity to marry classic financial analysis in the context of sales and marketing. Working within the value consulting organization, the intern will have full project responsibility to benchmark Seismic customers against their peers. The value thesis to be tested is that ‘did Seismic customers have better top line growth than non-Seismic customers.

If you have a passion for finding patterns, a solid understanding of classic financial analysis, and a rebellious mind—this is the job for you.

The Value consulting intern will be responsible for delivering the broad (yet detailed) analysis to fruition. While structured project guidelines and continuous coaching will be a critical component to success, this is viewed as a hands-off opportunity to own a project. Success will demand a self-starter that cherishes excellent work.

Where it goes from here? This experience probably leads to many of the data driven disciplines that are crushing the workplace—M&A, Data Scientist with revenue generation responsibility, digital marketing/ market insights.


  • Detail the measurable elements of the value thesis.
  • Collect and analyze publicly available information along traditional and non-traditional financial statement analysis
  • Compelling presentation of the results
  • Intermediate/advanced understanding of financial theory, business transactions, general accounting issues and federal tax issues
  • Possess analytical skills and have the willingness to learn and execute supportable analyses
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient Excel
  • Professional presence and a self-starter
  • Goal oriented with a bias to team results (with team members)
Working towards an MBA or upper classperson Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a concentration in Finance