Compliance QA Technician with Japanese

Quality Assurance Sofia, Bulgaria


Position at SEGA Development Services

Company Overview 

SEGA Centre of Excellence Sofia is dedicated to serving SEGA’s Development teams in providing quality, timely, and effective QA services. The Centre is based in Business Park Sofia, nearby Mladost 4 district.

We assist all studios with publishing QA and validation functions. We support the needs of the development studios and make the creative vision become a reality.

Position Overview 

SEGA Sofia’s Studio Operations team is looking for a bright and motivated individual to join our team as a Compliance QA Technician. This position is an excellent opportunity for people who want to work in a fast-paced, technology-driven, and fun environment!

The person in this position provides specialized support to the Development studios for console releases and functional and non-functional testing within Studio operations. The primary focus is to ensure all console titles adhere to the requirements of the respective platform holders (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Google; also known as First parties). Compliance Technicians will go beyond test scripts and use their extensive testing experience to identify and report compliance issues within the games. This work is essential for the smooth submissions and releases of all console titles in SEGA Europe and beyond!

Please note that we are unable to offer visa assistance, and all applicants must have full eligibility to work in Bulgaria to be considered for this opportunity.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain good working knowledge of the latest First party requirements documentation and ensure that the application in test is of the highest standard and minimum risk of Certification failure
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the Technical requirements and apply them effectively to any title
  • Have a thorough technical understanding of respective platforms, test tools, and requirements to provide technical and testing support for the platform both within Compliance and other disciplines within Studio operations
  • Assist in the making and verification of submission documentation for Optional and Official certifications
  • Enter professional, precise, accurate, and complete bug descriptions using the correct naming conventions
  • Follow test scripts thoroughly and consistently, ensuring that applicable First party and internal test cases are completed exhaustively
  • Repeat test cycles carefully to ensure bugs have not been regressed at critical project stages, escalating concerns when they’re identified
  • Concisely and effectively communicate essential project issues and test results to all key stakeholders within SEGA (weekly/daily reports) as well as First Party groups and external parties where necessary
  • Effectively and efficiently identify the severity and risk of project issues in a timely manner
  • Apply new Compliance processes and procedures according to updated First Party requirements
  • Perform game manual checks and text reviews for Compliance issues (e.g., Naming conventions) and assist Localisation QA to ensure the title adheres to the latest terminology in every supported language
  • Actively work with colleagues as appropriate, be supportive and helpful, and actively promote a robust team environment

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

  • Fluent in Japanese and with excellent communication skills
  • Experience with a variety of video game consoles
  • Knowledge of the video gaming industry and experience with a wide range of video games
  • Ability to work unsupervised, think proactively, and identify tasks that can be carried out and completed on own initiative
  • Adaptability and willingness to improve processes and strive for personal growth
  • Passion for the latest tech - platforms, hardware, and peripherals
  • Clear and concise communicator both written and verbally
  • High standard of work and willingness to meet and exceed expectations
  • Ability to maintain an adaptable approach to testing
  • Ability to maintain focus and commitment
  • Enthusiasm for the role and the company


  • Experienced console gamer with the ability to pinpoint problematic title behaviors rapidly
  • Technical proficiency in networks, CLI, web development, or programming is a bonus
  • Proactively help and assist colleagues and maintain a "can-do" attitude when under pressure