Assistant Community Developer

Live Operations Leamington Spa, United Kingdom


Position at Hardlight

Who are we?

HARDlight develops games across all genres for all platforms. As a trusted creator of magic for SEGA we deliver innovative, clever, premium-quality, profitable, unforgettable, built-to-last, made-to-play games. Being backed by an iconic world-renowned brand provides the perfect foundation for us to realise our global potential without losing our unique creative identity. We see the world as one big family, a community, so we are passionate that our games speak to everyone…wherever you are, whoever you are, and whoever you want to be.

The Team

Our Live Operations team are the reactive, responsive, pioneering team in the studio who are responsible or ensuring that our live titles can continue to entertain our communities in the manner that they have grown to expect from HARDlight. From live analytics, to community engagement, product management and data engineering, they provide continual support to our active player base to ensure that you never get bored of the games that we make!

Why work at HARDlight?

Alongside a comprehensive benefits package and a competitive salary, we are able to offer:

  • Flexible working hours to ensure that you have a life outside of work.
  • Free SEGA games on Steam so that you can explore one of the largest back-catalogues in the industry!
  • Home Technology scheme
  • Free fresh fruit, cereal, smoothies and other drinks every day; we promote healthy living and healthy working.
  • Discounted gym memberships for local gyms.
  • A Ride To Work scheme to help you get a bike to cycle in to the studio – as well as a bike shed to lock your bike up.
  • Weekly yoga classes held in the studio to find your inner zen
  • Regular in-house massage therapy for when you just need a break!


What skills are we looking for?

  • Prior experience working as a community manager, community developer, social media manager, or other relevant position.
  • Experience in the games industry in a Live Operations or Marketing department.
  • An ability to track, measure and feedback on social metrics and analytics
  • An ability to collaborate within a team in a professional (and fun!) working environment.
  • A self-motivated person who is able to plan, track and prioritise your own tasks. (experience of using a project management tool such as Hansoft, Jira or other would be beneficial, however we can train on this!)
  • An ability to communicate across all levels, disciplines and cultures.


  • If you have experience in live-stream production or presentation, and a proven experience of working with influencers on Twitch, YouTube or other platforms, it would be a valuable addition.


HARDlight is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing reasonable adjustment and will endeavour to meet your workplace needs as much as possible. If you require assistance during the application or recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we are happy to help however we can! We celebrate the inclusivity of our staff and our studio and welcome applicants of all backgrounds and beliefs.


Within 1 month, you’ll:

  • Receive an induction to SEGA HARDlight studio and projects, to give you full transparency on what we have been doing, are currently doing, and plan to do as a studio.
  • Be given an onboarding to the Live Operations team at HARDlight, to meet and greet your new colleagues and begin fostering great working relationships.
  • Learn how each member of the Live Operations team fits in with one another to create content for community development; gaining an awareness of the time, cost and planning required to produce a range of engaging content to allow you to plan future posts accordingly.
  • Be given an overview of our existing titles that fall within the remit of the Live Operations team, to understand the level of community management that each project requires.
  • Begin to develop a knowledge of the “Sonicverse”, looking into the lore of the games and characters of the IP, to ensure that any social media activity fits within the wider Sonic franchise.
  • Research the HARDlight social media channels to begin to understand what content is pushed out to our communities, and begin to make judgements about what works well, and where there is space to improve our content.


Within 3 months, you’ll:

  • Be supporting the Live Operations team by suggesting and creating posts that engage with our existing community for Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces.
  • Be collaborating with the wider team to ensure that all ideas are fully explored; offering your social media expertise into conversations within the Live Operations team to maximise the impact of posts across HARDlight social media channels.
  • Demonstrate a customer-centric approach to our communities, and to our internal development teams to ensure that the Live Operations department is kept in the loop of community development progress, as well as upcoming events and planned content across all channels.
  • Have started gaining an understanding of the HARDlight project management methodologies to better understand the cyclical or situational unavailability of team members. and understand how this affects what community development content can be created.
  • Continuously grow your knowledge of the “Sonicverse” and be able to create content that adheres to specific traits or experiences with character and events within the franchise.
  • Be starting to monitor key social metrics across all the channels to gather data on high-performing posts to inform the Live Operations teams on best community development practice.
  • Be starting to create and present reports on player sentiment, feedback and response to changes in the game to the Live Operations team, to ensure that we can provide the best service possible to our players.


Within 6 months, you’ll:

  • Be confident within the role of Community Developer and will be experimenting with new ideas for online content across all social media channels.
  • Be leading meetings about content creation with the Live Operations team, planning content alongside in-game events to ensure parallel messages in-game and online for our gaming communities.
  • Plan, monitor and assess our social media presence to ensure that we can grow, adapt and develop our community in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Be gaining a strong awareness of trends within social media management and community development within the gaming industry, specifically in the F2P mobile market.
  • Have a solid process for tracking and challenging social metrics on content that is being released, using this date to lead growth in our gaming communities.
  • Be able to advice the Live Operations team on content that achieves a specific reaction within the community, in order to maximise the community’s visibility of updates in the game. (new characters, festive events, limited time offers etc.)


Within 12 months, you’ll:

  • Take full ownership of community development at HARDlight, spanning across multiple titles and platforms.
  • Bring new ideas to the Live Operations team for discussion, with the intention of sustaining, developing and growing our player base and followers of our channels. (events, working with influencers, videos, streaming, new channels and platforms etc.)
  • Work as a point of contact for both Live Operations team and the Marketing teams at SEGA to increase the visibility of our projects and our studio among an established game community.
  • Have an awareness for what other studios are doing to engage and develop their own communities, assessing the impact of these processes and methods, improving our own internal processes accordingly.
  • Plan social media content and community development proactively; with an awareness of availability within Live Operations team to support content, trends in social media management and community development, and updates to the Sonicverse and the lore that our games are a part of.