Advanced Technical Support

Cavite, 40


Improve Customer Satisfaction by providing a high quality professional Advanced Technical Support to SE customers, particularly regarding technical information on products, application information during the pre-sales & after-sales process. Take the ownership and ensure the customer is satisfied before closing the request. Handle Escalations from Primary support & Internal Technical Teams, about applications issues, product configuration issues, product compatibility issues; manage fee-based advanced services; escalate to Expert support and R&D/Cont.Eng; provide advanced training to Primary Support, analyze Cases.

Assist all our customers in reaching higher profit by making the best use of SE technologies. Deliver technical support and services at Advanced level. Be a trusted advisor, provide prompt and trusted resolutions during presales and aftersales cycle time of applying Schneider Electric product and solutions to the customer's project


  • Propose, create and publish Technical Articles, FAQs and Video FAQs from handled cases (bFO).
  • Solve Cases requiring in-depth troubleshooting assistance and Cases where Customer is requiring resolution for suspected bug(s).
  • Access to resolution database and use of diagnostic tools (RSD decoder, Hyperterminal, SNMP browser).
  • Understand and follow the customer complex solutions (EcoStuXure Architecture).
  • Application and Environmental conditions evaluation
  • Site Visit may be required. Using remote monitoring tools and advanced technics.
  • Be able to propose and configure all functions according to the customer application
  • Be available for inbound and outbound customer interaction received through all agreed channels (bFO case, e-mail, phone, chat, web interface. Etc... )
  • Maintain the work environment, laboratory equipment and tools at the best level to be able to simulate, replicate and understand reported customer escalations. Answer fast and truste
  • Work closely with all teams in the technical support scope: Primary and Expert support team, Internal Technical and Services Teams and BU during case life cycle time until it is successfully resolved from a customer point of view. Communicate effectively, collect all necessary information in case of escalation to Expert or R&D team is necessary. Escalate on time.
  • Be able to perform tests to reproduce customer behavior on demo case
  • Communicate and share knowledge with other L2 engineers as well as Primary Support.
  • Be able to collect information needed in case of escalation to L3
  • Understand the source of problem and evaluate its impact and the mitgation actions
  • Manage fee-based advanced services
  • Understand and explain type test certificates and special quality tests.
  • Maintain the right Expert knowledge according to the specialization needed:
    • UPS Systems

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