Data Analyst (SO2)

IT And Software Development National Capital Region Pasig City, National Capital Region


Key responsibilities

  • Extract data about client website customers from Klaviyo
  • Extract data for client website customers and orders from OBIEE
  • Write macros to or some other solution to join data from Klaviyo and OBIEE to create the data files requested by client
  • Assess and troubleshoot problems
  • Create and save the files in the agreed upon format, 5x weekly
  • Move the files to Client’s Amazon S3 instance 5x weekly
  • Communicate as necessary with BDA account team and client data platform partner (e.g., for issues, delays, to ask and answer questions, etc.)

Role requirements

  • In order to succeed at this role, a candidate must have the following skills and traits:
  • Excellent data literacy and ability to understand data sets
  • Ability to read API documentation and formulate & execute an approach to pulling data via an API, preferably with Klaviyo experience
  • Ability to search for and export data from a platform via its Digital UI, preferably with Klaviyo and OBIEE experience
  • Excellent end-user SQL skills, preferably with Oracle SQL experience
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel skills
  • Demonstrated ability to independently design and prepare data sets to be shared in files, including joining data, assessing its quality, and troubleshooting of data & data processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Accountability and demonstrated ability to work independently and consistently meet deadlines