Full-stack Engineer (SO3)

IT And Software Development Pasig City, National Capital Region


Good to have:


  • Experience in Codeception or Symfony testing framework.
  • Experience in queuing systems such as SQS, RabbitMQ.
  • Experience in ReactJS.
  • Experience in integrating Payment Gateway.

Developer Expectations

The following are values that we hold as developer

  1. When I fix bugs, I investigate how bugs like it can be avoided or reduced generally
  2. I strive to be highly competent in my role while also stretching to obtain skills outside of my role
  3. I write effective tests that help my design, give me confidence to refactor and confidence to ship to production
  4. I keep up to date, and adopt when relevant, the latest technologies
  5. I experiment in order to learn
  6. I am responsible for deploying, monitoring and maintaining systems in production that I have built
  7. I review my colleagues code to help them and I submit reviews that make it easy for my colleagues to help me
  8. I care and support my teammates
  9. I create documentation for systems I build to help me and my teammates now and into the future
  10. I build clean, readable, understandable and maintainable systems