Marketing Design and Service Administrator (SO2)

Creative and Design Taguig City, National Capital Region


Role title: Marketing Design & Services Administrator – Satellite Office
Reports to: Marketing, Campaign & brand Manager
Position Objective: Administer day to day marketing services function including Branding,
Campaigns graphic & UX design and general marketing activities.
Key Responsibilities
1. Financial Monitor budget vs spend and forecasts:
• costs of digital and marketing materials within designated vendor
• costs in line with annual budget.
2. Strategy • Bringing Customer to Life
• Growing Our Product Strategy
• Growing Our Channel Strategy
• Delivering Financial
• Optimising our IT Strategy
3. Business Process • Support eric sales with effective marketing collateral, campaign
development, partner support & market trends.
• Assist with the design and development of marketing collateral,
website, campaign tool and video content
• Support implementation of eric’s marketing, brand, and digital strategy.
• Assist in the production of product and marketing materials in
accordance with style and brand guidelines.
• Ensure regulatory and compliance requirements are applied to all
digital, marketing and product collateral.
• As required assist with the completion and preparation of files for
PDS’s, sales aids and digital media (including website).
• Provide marketing support for campaigns and growth initiatives.
• Reconcile quotes, invoices and receipts and provide to GM for approval
and payment.
• Research activities as required.
4. Customer • Assist with the development of communication materials to support
marketing, education, and product related information.
5. Growth and
• Grow capability, job knowledge and skillset by participating in training
and other growth opportunities.
6. Accountability and
extent of
Ensure the internal eric community are aware of the processes and
procedures relating to the Marketing Team.
• Ensure all marketing, campaign, branding and communications
materials and collateral are circulated for appropriate approvals by the
relevant departments (i.e. Product, Sales, Operations, P&C, Legal, Risk
& Compliance, and the GM Marketing).
Eric Insurance Limited 2
ABN 18 009 129 793 | AFS License No: 238279
The tasks and responsibilities outlined in the position description may be changed throughout the course of employment to meet business
requirements. Changes and additions to the role will be directed by the appropriate Manager.
7. Qualifications and
• Marketing Degree or equivalent experience.
• 1 years marketing experience desirable.
• Strong UX and graphic design capabilities.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Effective time management, project, and task management skills.
• Ability to work and communicate effectively with all stakeholders
• Insurance regulatory and compliance understanding, desirable.
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite.
• Ability to effectively use Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator,
Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.)