Inside Account Manager (SO2)

Customer Service And Sales National Capital Region


IAM Job Responsibilities:

Ø Work collaboratively and effectively with the Customer Success Manager.

Ø Keep commitments (standards, KPI’s etc) while working within the PA core values.

Ø Work productively with other teams and team members, focusing on the Clients objective, while taking into account, standards and processes of the team(s).

Ø Commitment to use PA systems and standards.

Ø Provide proposals that include the return on investment/payback the client can expect.

Ø Act as a coordinator for the client and PA to ensure issues/concerns of the client are effectively addressed internally.

Ø Identify and handover any relevant sales opportunities to the business development manager to pursue (currently defined as opportunities greater than $30k in revenue to PA, excluding SupportPlus).

Ø Communicate, via email, to the implementation teams (consulting and/or training), the outcomes the client is looking to achieve through the purchase of the modules.

o Team leaders have committed that these outcomes will be used when implementing.

Ø Religious use of internal CRM system.

Ø Good use of SOLO for managing client information.

Ø Resolve client and/or PA payment/invoice issues ensuring no customer has an account outstanding beyond 60 days.

Ø Have relevant reports accurate (i.e. KPI’s and statistics for the IAM meetings).

Ø Be innovative, provide suggestions on improvements in our processes.