API Developer (SO2)

IT And Software Development Taguig City, National Capital Region National Capital Region


  • Assist with the design and build of the integration to new trading partners to integrate trade messaging from their service into AxiCorp’s systems
  • Maintain automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) systems
  • Deliver software using an iterative Agile approach using small batch sizes to deliver working software frequently in order to gain insights and plan future releases
  • Participate and engage in the regular agile rituals to improve team collaboration and support continuous improvement
  • Maintain a high standard and quality of work using unit tests and automated integration tests with good coverage
  • The creation of container images for the purposes of deploying developed software to new environments
  • Assist with the monitoring of production systems and provide support when issues occur
  • Maintaining documentation (design and as-builts) of the automation systems including updating existing documents for any changes as well as creating new documentation as required
  • Liaising with stakeholders for the purposes of understanding a requirement fully to ensure that the best solution is provided