Front-End Engineer

IT And Software Development National Capital Region


Team Member Requirements

Skills, Qualifications, Experience, Attributes


·       Proactive and resourceful when working on new projects.

·       Clear communication with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

·       Being thoughtful and analytical when proposing solutions or investigating issues.
Focus on evidence and facts.

·       Strong self-learner: love to learn new technology and keep skills up to date.

Technical Skills & Experience (required)

·       Strong TypeScript.

·       Experience in building complex application with frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

·       Experience and willingness to work with the design team and existing design system to develop the UI.

·       Experience working with other engineers and non-technical stakeholder to propose and deliver solutions.

·       Experience in writing unit tests (e.g.: React Testing Library, jest).

·       Focus on writing readable and performant code.

·       Building modular and reusable solutions (senior level).

Technical Skills & Experience (good to have)

·       Experience in building React Native mobile applications (big plus).

·       Good understanding of backend systems and architecture (e.g.: REST, database, authentication etc).

·       Basic experience in backend languages (e.g.: Node.js, Python, PHP, Go etc).

Our tech stack

·       TypeScript, React, Redux, React Testing Library

·       Cypress End to End Testing Library

·       In-house component library, Internationalisation (translations)

·       Storybook

·       GitHub

·       Jira

·       AWS Infrastructure

·       CI/CD: GitHub Actions