Sr. Computational Storage Manager

Engineering - Software San Jose, California


Position at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Job Title

Senior Computational Storage Manager

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Job Description Summary

As the Manager within Samsung’s Memory Solutions Lab (MSL), you will be part of an R&D team that innovates and solves key technical problems in areas and products related to Samsung’s industry leading NAND flash, DRAM and other memory technologies.  MSL engages with customers, partners and the technical community in Silicon Valley to develop and enable new products and technologies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead development and prototyping of future platform and software architectures to bring innovation applicable to computational storage, distributed storage systems and networked attached storage systems.
  • Project and team management for engineering development and proof-of-concept prototyping projects related to storage systems.
  • Work closely with strategic teams to sense and scope new technology innovation targeted to customer/industry needs & opportunities in new and expanding markets.
  • Collaborate with product planning team and Korea engineering teams to prioritize and plan engineering R&D projects.
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance for all phases of architecture development and proof of concept design, especially:
    • Deliver high quality detailed architecture specifications
    • Analyze architecture tradeoffs and feasibility analysis of software and platforms related to the memory hierarchy and storage systems
    • Prototype proof-of-concept software and hardware architectures and platforms
  • Engage and partner with ODMs, ISV and end customers to deliver end-to-end value add technology and feature differentiation.
  • Demonstrate technology differentiation on relevant software stacks, applications, representative workloads and benchmarks.
  • Interface with development and product teams to drive innovative features into products, open source ecosystem and partner solutions.
  • Architecture and software development for new and innovative storage and memory products targeted for Hyperscale and Cloud environments.
  • Research and innovate on new ways to improve application acceleration efficiency and performance on SmartSSD and other hardware platforms.
  • Work with product development teams (both local and overseas), product planning team, external partners and customers to define product specifications, develop prototypes and enable new products into the market.
  • Create new and innovative intellectual property, and document technical architecture specifications and whitepapers.


Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Experienced engineering leader with 10+ years of experience (including MS/PhD degrees).
  • BS in Computer/Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Experience leading a team of R&D engineers, consultants and partners to design, build, bring-up and test proof-of-concept systems/prototypes of new technologies.
  • Experience with x86 system architectures, storage systems and embedded systems.
  • Understanding of the I/O path from NAND to application to innovate at all levels of the stack.
  • Experience developing and optimizing high performance software, firmware, and system architectures.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in C/C++ for drivers and/or applications in a Linux environment, including development of algorithms, manipulation of complex data structures, and implementing highly optimized code.
  • Relevant hands on experience and lab debug skills.
  • Self-motivated with a track record of having the internal drive to begin and complete tasks with quality and in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrated technical leadership in specific areas of expertise.
  • Excellent oral and written skills for communication and documentation of technical information.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team player, as part of a local and globally distributed team.
  • Must be highly motivated with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Comfortable working in a multi-national environment and understand how to leverage cultural diversity.
  • Ability to work successfully with cross-functional teams, including coordinating across organizational boundaries and geographies.
  • Work without direct oversight among cross-functional development teams
  • Ability to formulate and pitch new technology portfolios to upper management and excite stakeholders.


Desired Skills and Qualifications

Skills and experience in some of the following areas will be beneficial to the job:

  • Storage software stacks
  • NVMe PCIe and NVMeoF driver stacks
  • Linux, FreeBSD and Windows drivers
  • Linux kernels including 5.x
  • Embedded software and firmware
  • Hardware platforms
  • FPGAs
  • Multi-threading, DMA, memory management, interrupts.
  • Application acceleration and computational storage
  • System solutions that utilize hardware acceleration (FPGA, ASIC, DSPs, GPUs)
  • Ecosystem enablement and adoption of new technologies
  • Block, key-value, object storage, file systems, persistent memory
  • ARM or equivalent embedded multi-core processor architectures
  • Virtualization, Hyper-V, KVM
  • High-availability, dual-port
  • Application acceleration / computational storage
  • ARM or equivalent embedded multi-core processor architectures
  • System solutions that utilize hardware acceleration (FPGA, ASIC, DSPs, GPUs)
  • Lab debug using ICE debuggers and protocol analyzers on hardware platforms
  • Hands-on experience with Mellanox, Broadcom and Intel NICs and drivers
  • Storage and networking technologies:
    • NAND Flash, PCIe, NVMe, NVMe-oF, SAS, SATA, SCSI, iSCSI, RDMA (RoCEv2, iWARP), Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, Fibre Channel, RAID, erasure coding, compression, encryption
  • Python, Perl or other scripting languages
  • Publish papers for conferences and technical journals
  • Presentation skills
  • Partner and customer engagements