Senior Research Scientist

Research Scientist San Jose, California Pasadena, California


Position at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

The qualified individual will be a hardware lead responsible for:

- Research and development of a wide variety of metaphotonic elements and systems for real-world products

- Explore cutting-edge technologies for our imaging products

- Create quick prototypes and proof-of-concepts

Responsibilities include:

- Design, fabricate, and demonstrate bio-inspired and/or AI-empowered photonic/optical devices for CIS, LIDAR, and/or other 3D sensors

- Design, fabricate, and demonstrate wearable and/or disposable biomedical sensors for in-vitro and in-vivo applications using smartphone imaging sensors

- Design, fabricate, and demonstrate wearable and/or implantable ocular sensors for in-vitro and in-vivo applications

- Working closely with software engineers to optimize data processing algorithms and their implementation in hardware

- Assist clinical teams for  in-vitro/in-vivo testing of biomedical sensors used with smartphone-based imaging sensors

-  Interacting with team to assist in overall development of optical systems; developing and benchmarking system performance models and test evaluation

-  Participate in design reviews of optical, opto-mechanical components, equipment and systems

- Writing patent disclosures

- Prepare/submit manuscripts to WTC journals.

- Demo system setup and evaluation

- Serve as a contact hub for GRO and other Samsung’s strategic and tactical collaboration programs with US institutes and companies.

- Create new research program(s) in photonics, especially related to bio-medical sensing.

- Recruit new talents to enhance and expand the lab’s capability.