Job Description

The Sr. Quality Assurance Automation Engineer is involved throughout the product development lifecycle, ensuring that needed flows of functional scenarios, or performance attributes are assessed, by developing ways and programs to automate them. The Application Automation Engineering effort is not an afterthought but is and built in process – the application should be designed with hooks to which the automation framework can call and test the reliability and scalability while the application is being developed and delivered. This engineer is the ultimate team player and will be involved in multiple development efforts for each release cycle. The Quality Automation Engineering team is the customer’s advocate and determines which features are released and when they are released.


  • Design and develop functional, performance, scalability, reliability and non-functional characteristics of the application under development, by creating, optimizing, maintaining programs to automate and automatically assess such expectations and results;
  • Collaborate and communicate with the product owner / team lead and all project stakeholders about project tasks, after rigorous analysis of examples, existent tests and provided documentation and information;
  • Train and adapt to new technologies and programming languages, required by project development;
  • Bring contribution to project specifications and documentations development, with focus on implementation or needed technologies in the development process related to the implemented system / application;
  • Work on implementing / improving the architectural automation framework agreed with product owner and team leader;
  • Focus on automated cases and Continuous Integration, using Jenkins tool, and Maven for configuration;
  • Manage own test activity to support project schedules, milestones, and deadlines;
  • Create, review, run, re-run, maintain, organize the developed programs;
  • Promptly report, document and inform upon any issues that may impact upon project development lifecycle;
  • Involve in testing the application software system, with focus on multiple areas, like, but not reduced to:
    • Unit & Component testing, with creation of scripts;
    • API (Application Programming Interface) scripting;
    • Functional automated testing, using specific programming scripts;
  • Collaborate and take part, together with the personnel involved in assessing the application / software system and the responsible person of the project, to final evaluation and make the necessary changes, if any;
  • Explore new IT technologies and new programming languages ​​to keep up to date with the latest technologies in the field, to provide project with the best options on software / scripts / tools development;
  • Develop and enhance internal tools to enable testing and quicker delivery of reliable API to the customers, so that they can automate their workflow;
  • Prioritize and manage work to critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment. Provide timely technical solutions both pre- and post the project.
  • Ability to work together with all departments of the company as well as with other contractual partners (such as IT, creative, research agencies etc.) clients or official authorities.


  • BS or MS (MS preferred) in Computer Science or related areas;
  • Experience with Accounting/ERP applications or accounting knowledge is a plus;
  • Minimum 5+ years software engineering experience;
  • Previous exposure of working in a fast-paced development and delivery organization
  • Direct experience debugging and optimizing existing code to find root cause for cases
  • Creates Project plans and detailed components that would be needed to accomplish the project;
  • Ability to prioritize problems in problem tracking software applications;
  • Strong analysis, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills;
  • Knowledge of open source, Java, Jenkins, Maven and keen mind to learn and adapt to the new technologies, be it AI both forced or Log analysis;
  • Database query and table structures and oracle triggers;
  • History of shipping high-quality, well-designed software products;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Self-motivated, capable of working in a team or small projects alone;
  • Organized and capable to work on multiple tasks efficiently;
  • Customer Focused, to be the ‘voice for the customer’ in internal discussions.

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