Job Description

The automation/dev ops engineer is involved throughout the product development life cycle, focusing on the creating, maintaining, and reviewing Continuous Integration “jobs” in the needed flows of functional scenarios, along with all the static/dynamic automation code analysis, unit test run, functional test run, performance test run, etc. The engineer role is not post-deployment but involved from the beginning to ensure that the implications and complications are surfaced. Application Automation Engineering is not an afterthought, but a built-in process, where the application should be designed so that the automation framework can test the reliability and scalability, as it is being developed and delivered. They are the customer’s advocate and assist in the decision and determine which features are released and when and implement autonomous systems that do not require human intervention.


  • Design and develop functional, performance, scalability, reliability programs to automate and automatically assess results.
  • Design and implement methodologies and best practices to achieve an efficient continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Design and develop continuous build and deployment systems and frameworks in conjunction with Engineering Operations and product operations.
  • Evaluate open source tools that can automate business workflows.
  • Manage and maintain the continuous integration system and framework based on Jenkins.
  • Collaborate and communicate with all the stakeholders about project tasks, after analysis of examples and existing tests. Provide documentation and information to facilitate quick decision making to reduce triage time that may impact product life cycle.
  • Explore, train and adapt new technologies, tools, and programming languages, as required by project development, to provide best options for software/scripts/tools development.
  • Document source code to reuse / modify component functionality.
  • Manage test activity to support project schedules, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Develop and enhance internal tools to enable testing and quicker delivery of reliable API to the customers, so they can automate their workflows.
  • Prioritize and manage work to critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment. Provide timely technical solutions both pre and post project Release.
  • Work with product management, development, support, and operations to understand the requirements and provide technical solutions.
  • Work with all departments of the company as well as other contractual partners (such as IT, research agencies, etc.) clients or official authorities.
  • Ability to guide and train others in using and maintaining the CI and automation framework.
  • Build and Manage a small team of CI engineers


  • BS or MS (MS preferred) in Computer Science or related areas.
  • Minimum 3+ years IT networking and dev ops/software engineering domain.
  • Experience with Jenkins/Bamboo/TeamCity or other CI servers/Build Servers.
  • Experience working with Cloud Technologies like AWS, GCP etc
  • Experience leveraging Continuous Deployment Tools and Methodologies
  • Knowledge of GIT/SVN and branching strategies.
  • Experience with Groovy/Jenkins DSL/PHP Scripting is a plus.
  • Experience with Accounting/ERP applications or accounting knowledge is a plus.
  • Exposure of working in fast pace development and delivery organization.
  • Ability to prioritize problems in Project Management applications/software and help the team work on the correct priority.
  • Mentor peers, junior members and interns and prioritize processes.
  • Strong analysis, problem solving, and trouble shooting skills.
  • Experience with configuration management tools/Infrastructure.
  • Experience with Relational databases (Oracle) is a plus.
  • Self-motivated, capable of working in a team or small projects alone.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • History of shipping high-quality well – designed software products.
  • Organized and capable to work on multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Customer focused, to be the ‘voice’ for the customer in internal discussions.

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