Engineering Head

Analytical Services Hinjewadi, Pune, India


Technical Expertise:

 Microservices Architect: A thorough understanding of designing and implementing highly scalable and reliable microservices architectures, ensuring fault tolerance and independent deployments.
 Cloud Architecture Guru: Deep proficiency in leveraging cloud platforms (AWS, Azure) to achieve optimal SaaS delivery through elasticity, cost-efficiency, and managed services.
 Data Orchestrator: Expertise in designing and deploying data pipelines, warehouses, and analytics platforms to fuel data-driven decisions and continuous product improvement.
 Security Champion: Proven ability to integrate robust security practices into the architecture, safeguarding user data and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
 DevOps Evangelist: A passionate advocate for automating infrastructure management, deployment, and testing to enable seamless and swift software updates.

Leadership Excellence:
Communication Architect: Exceptional communication skills to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, securing buy-in for strategic decisions.  
Team Conductor: The ability to inspire, motivate, and guide high-performing engineering teams towards consistent delivery of quality solutions.
 Mentoring Catalyst: Fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development, nurturing junior engineers to become future leaders.
 Agile Maestro: Navigating the intricacies of agile methodologies, facilitating effective sprint planning, backlog prioritization, and iterative development cycles.
  Conflict Resolution Navigator: Adept at resolving disagreements within the team, maintaining focus on shared goals and collective success.

Business Acumen:

Product Visionary: The ability to translate business objectives into elegant technical solutions that seamlessly align with the product roadmap and user needs. 
 Metrics Connoisseur: Analyzing user data, customer feedback, and performance metrics to identify areas for optimization and prioritize roadmap items for maximum impact.
 Cost-Conscious Architect: Balancing technical ambition with resource constraints, making informed decisions on technology choices and resource allocation.
 Competitive Analyst: Continuously monitoring the technological landscape to identify emerging trends and technologies that can enhance the SaaS offering and maintain a competitive edge.

Beyond the Tangible:

 Innovation Evangelist: An insatiable curiosity to explore and adopt new technologies and approaches, constantly seeking ways to improve the product and user experience.
 Resilience and Adaptability: Thriving in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, embracing challenges and readily pivoting to overcome obstacles.
 Customer Advocate: A deep understanding of the customer journey and unwavering commitment to delivering a reliable, secure, and delightful SaaS experience.

Education & experience: 
 Bachelor or higher degree in Engineering (CS preferred)

Look for candidates who have already worked with Pharma and product companies like
Sycamore Clinical Solutions, Medidata Rave, Veeva, MaxisIT, eClinical. Tier 2 are Paltnir, Domino Data labs,SaaS 15+ years of industry experience developing products and leading product teams.