IT Security Analyst

IT Warsaw, Poland


Our expectations:

  • Good knowledge (allowing discussion during recruitment) of terms: ISO 27001, IT audit, ticketing system, ITGC controls, CIA triad.
  • Implementation of ISO 27001 (preparation of the necessary documentation,
    risk assessment, audit of compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001, training of personnel in the field of information security)
  • Good skill in using Google Sheets (formulas).
  • Good oral and written communication skills (in English).
  • Positive, “can-do” attitude.
Your potential tasks, depending on your experience:
  • It is an entry-level position in the Information Security team.
  • It is multi-domained work with a lot of tools, instead of one in-depth topic. It allows you to become a Consultant, Officer or Manager in the future by learning a high-level approach.
  • Gradually building and improving documentation needed by well-known cybersecurity frameworks (ISO 27001).
  • Helping document processes, procedures and solutions related to security.
  • Coordinating audits and assessments. Consulting results and implementing improvements.
  • Identifying and removing both unnecessary obstacles and potential loopholes.
  • Maintaining and improving typical registers related to data security (e.g. users and accesses, applications).
  • Convincing to implement completely new solutions in IT environments.
Nice to have:
  • IT Security Certificates or readiness to achieve them (e.g: CCNA, Security+, CEH, CISA).
  • Experience or education in tools covering the following topics: compliance, audits, project management, task management.
  • Will to take more responsibility.
Why RTB House?
  • Great people!
  • Very attractive salary!
  • Extremely flexible working hours!
  • Fully remote work with possible extension after current pandemic.
  • Interesting project and fast-growing company (both from the technical and business perspective)!