Engineering Manager

IT Warsaw, Poland


Your job:

  • Helping engineers build a great team.
  • Ensuring that engineers’ work is smooth, efficient and satisfying. 
  • Removing any organizational obstacles during the development process.
  • Optimizing structure, processes and best practices within the engineering  teams, as well as at the junction of the engineering teams and the rest of the organization.
  • Optimizing communication within engineering teams, as well as between engineering teams and the rest of the organization.
  • Helping engineering teams keep focus on the stuff that matters.
  • Overseeing execution of complex, cross-team projects.
  • Ensuring quality, security and compliance of the product (in cooperation with relevant persons/teams).
  • Ensuring smooth 24/7 operations with technical measures (redundancy, automatic failover, early detection etc...) and/or organizational measures (alerting, pager duty, emergency handling procedures etc…).
  • Engaging closely with product management and other teams/people to ensure strategy, tactics and execution of all development activities that brings the most value (in the short- and long-term).
  • Getting your hands dirty with everyday software development (writing code and tests, deploying changes, monitoring production, fixing stuff etc…). Part-time and out of the critical path, but still.
  • Building blameless, but fact-driven culture of constant self-improvement. Quickly and precisely identifying failures and learning from them (retrospections, post-mortems etc…)
  • Overseeing technical recruitment (materials, processes, monitoring, employer branding activities, building relationships with key targets etc…).
  • Improving tool sets used by the engineering teams in order to maximize efficiency.
  • Managing potential conflicts within the team and/or organization.
  • Finding ways to improve the “bus factor”.
  • Helping engineers grow and develop professionally.
  • Cooperation with external vendors (servers, data centers etc…).
  • Public appearances at conferences, events, press etc...
  • Organizing/initiating team-building activities. 
Our expectations: 
  • Previous experience in a similar role.
  • Deep understanding of software development processes.
  • Strong technical skills, previous experience in a software engineer role.
  • Formal education in Computer Science or any other related, technical field.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills. 

Why RTB House?
  • Great people!
  • Very attractive salary!
  • Extremely flexible working hours!
  • Perfect office location (10 meters from Wierzbno Metro Station)!
  • Interesting project (large, complex, performance oriented, with cool tech stack)!