Technical Product Manager

IT Warsaw, Poland


Online marketing technology, motivated by raising privacy concerns, will be going through a lot of changes in the coming years - from legacy, cookie-based solutions to the ones based on dedicated advertising browser APIs (examples 1, 2, 3). RTB House has historically focused on putting user privacy first by building its Deep Learning technology around behavioral data which aims to be stripped of any PII. Now, our company is on the forefront of the change with its active participation in the W3C community and drafting the new solutions together with other leaders in the advertising space.  

Your responsibilities:
  • Understanding business needs and articulating technical requirements.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the engineering teams to design and develop high quality solutions.
  • Guiding trade-off discussions informed by technical insights, product strategy, and business needs.
  • Developing implementation plans to accommodate multiple teams requirements and ensuring stability of the solution.
  • Pushing forward the implementation agreed to the assumed plan.
Our requirements:
  • Formal education in Computer Science or any other related, technical field or equivalent practical experience.
  • Ability to understand and explain to all stakeholders high-level technical overview of our product.
  • Good understanding the basics of web technologies (HTTP, Javascript, cookies, databases).
  • At least 5 years experience working on technology-powered products as either a product manager, engineer, data analyst, sales engineer, or data scientist.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn multiple functional areas of business – engineering, customer service, sales, or marketing.
  • Demonstrated ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative.
  • Proven ability to engage with engineers, sales, customer service, and company leaders in a constructive and collaborative relationship
  • Exceptional analytical skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Project management skills - getting stuff done attitude and excellent work organization.
What we offer:
  • Participation in an interesting project of a very large scale and complexity.
  • Working on a product in a fast-changing environment for one of the fastest growing companies in Poland.
  • Independent position with great autonomy.
  • Attractive Salary.
  • Work equipment according to your needs.
  • Continuous professional development and the possibility of raising qualifications.
  • Friendly work atmosphere.
What you will do:
  • You will work with engineering teams to deliver solutions within our platform, talk with multiple stakeholders to understand the underlying business need behind the feature request and communicate it clearly to the engineering teams.
  • You will take part in designing the solution by clarifying business requirements.
  • You will take part in brainstorming of possible solutions. With the rough idea of the solution you will be helping refine the details. Combining your knowledge of the product and the designed solution you will help teams plan the implementation so that there is no or limited downtime.
  • You will need to recognize bottlenecks and things that can be done in parallel.
  • You will have to oversee the implementation.
  • You will make sure that it moves forward smoothly.
  • You will make sure that things are not unnecessarily stuck within contributors.
  • You will make sure that tasks hand-offs don’t delay the implementation.
  • You will be responsible for some parts of the documentation and communicate the functionality to the right people and teams within the company.