Sr. Human Resources Director

Human Resources Chicago, Illinois


  • Oh, hello, seasoned-HR-leader-craving-a-role-with-more-impact-who-thinks strategically-and-thrives-on-leading-a team-while-also-not-being-afraid-to-get-your-own-hands-dirty!  We should talk. 



    • Think strategically. You’re able to see the big picture, especially how it translates to company success.
    • Ask the right questions and, when posed with a problem, you peel away the layers to reveal the core issue. Your instincts and judgment are impeccable.
    • Don’t think of details as "beneath you." You roll up your sleeves and dive into the details. You pride yourself on accuracy and strive for perfection.
    • Can architect People programs, policies and processes which enable our organization’s strategy. You can work backwards from an end state or forward from problem to solution. You think through implications and impacts, change management and roadblock resolution. 
    • And, you’re able to translate your vision to others. You work with the people team to turn plans into reality. You solicit feedback, manage change, and solicit champions among stakeholders in the business.  
    • Forge iron-clad connections. With all kinds of diverse personalities, at different levels in the organization, representing different perspectives. You gel with all of them. If you were a blood type, you'd be "O." 
    • Employ an operational, get-er-done mindset and know how to instill that among those reporting to you.
    • Wear lots of different hats: diplomat, evangelist, strategist, therapist, referee, diagnostician, project manager, influencer, negotiator, cheerleader, wordsmith, cat-herder, counselor, orator, gator-wrestler (okay we made that last one up). Your hat closet is ginormous.
    • Maintain a balanced perspective: you neither singularly represent "the business" nor are you an ombudsman. You thrive in steering towards the “right” outcome, which is one that reflects our spirit, our values, and our culture. 
    • Flex around individual team members’ strengths and areas for development. In fact, the thought of being able to help guide, grow, and shape the people around you makes your heart skip a beat.
    • See the "butterfly effect" downstream impact of changes. You also realize the significance of your role, and the real impact your decisions have on the organization and our team members. 
    • Speaking of impact, you want more of it! You're awesome at what you do but you're on a hamster wheel. You're not challenged like you could be.  You want to be empowered; you want to be trusted to build something.   
    • Are nodding your head as you read each of these descriptions.


    We are looking for someone to serve as a right hand to our head of People Potential.  This is someone who thrives on a fast-paced environment, and who wants to both enable (and mentor) those around them to create successes and grow but is also excited to make an impact with their own hands.  At the end of the day, this person will play a key role in helping Rightpoint be a place that attracts and retains the best people in the industry. 

    In particular, this person will:

    • Oversee the day to day operations for People Potential at Rightpoint. Specifically, how we attract, engage, develop and deploy our team members within their careers. And you’re not just assuming “maintenance mode” – we’re growing tremendously, and we need to rethink every aspect of how we support the growing business. 
    • Serve as a go-to person for the head of People Potential. You (personally and through your leadership of the People Potential team) will turn vision into reality, plans into progress, goals into wins. 
    • Lead (read: orchestrate, mobilize, motivate, coach, teach, advise, and be a partner to) People Potential team members, including those focused on Human Resources, Recruiting, Benefits & Payroll and Resource Management.  This person will find the balance of giving people various levels of direction based on their experience and then provide them the room to execute on their roles, stepping in when needed, but stepping back when not.
    • Serve as an internal business advisor to RP executives and select departments, providing counsel to leadership and being a trusted advisor to all team members within the groups you support. 
    • Apply outstanding communication and Change Management magic to help ensure people-programs take hold.  Guide team members within and outside the department to develop and employ these techniques to increase program implementation effectiveness.
    • Diffuse people-related escalations. Ours is a kind and collaborative culture (and you’ll be part of helping us maintain that as we grow). But with people come conflict and with growth come challenges.  You don’t view these as bad things, they are areas of opportunity where we can learn, communicate, adapt and grow.  Leveraging your extensive HR background to these situations, you’ll employ kindness, diplomacy and skill to shepherd us through those sticky situations. 


    • Complete the onboarding program that we have for all Rightpointers - learn about Rightpoint itself – the company’s history, the departments, our systems and processes, etc. - while gaining a broader understanding about how your role fits into the larger organization. 
    • Learn our approach to People Potential at Rightpoint, spend time with our team and get to know how we work, while also sharing your own best practices and HR expertise.
    • Understand our HR vision – including the initiatives planned against our primary areas of opportunity.
    • Schedule Get To Know You sessions with our business unit and geography leads, our National Practice (our fancy term for “departments”) leaders, and a smattering of people at various levels of the organization in various jobs just to get a true sense of what’s what.
    • Spend some quality time with each People Potential team member – learning about them as individuals, diving into what they do and getting insight into how they do it, finding out what makes their jobs harder than it should be, learning what they love about the job and about the company and what drives them crazy. Oh, and finding out what their favorite Laffy Taffy joke is.  That is really, really important.
    • Establishing a good cadence with the head of People Potential, getting a solid understanding of the key 2020 strategic imperatives, what is causing her heartburn, and what her vision is for the group.


    • Have a good rhythm going with the People Potential team members who report to you. You will know what they are focused on and will be able to engage in conversations to guide them, ensuring they are staying on track, helping them problem-solve, and all that other fun stuff that goes along with managing people.
    • Fully understand our Staffing Process, in all its glory. Meaning, make sense of the matrixed organization, understand the tension points, demonstrate good instincts for how the game of staffing tetris is played, and help the team work through challenges when they get stuck.  Continue helping the team think through how to evolve the function so it is efficient and effective for our growing organization.
    • Have a solid handle on our total rewards offerings and practices. This includes feeling knowledgeable about the payroll process (we have a Payroll and Benefits guru on the team), understanding our benefits offerings and how they’re administered, and beginning to think about how we can evolve our benefit programs to better resonate with our team members.
    • Be fully established as the go-to HR business partner for leadership and our Digital Operations team.
    • Be the point person for some integration activities (did we mention that we were recently acquired? It’s a fun position to be in because our parent-company wants us to operate independently, but they’re also reverse-integrating a few other integrations into us…we we’re kind of in an integration sandwich….yum!).  We are in the planning stages now, so which programs you’ll be involved in is not yet certain.  But, we will for sure look to you to play a key role in integration activities that will help us play nicely with our friends in the new, collective sandbox. 
    • Immerse yourself in Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Understand both the history of and the vision for DEI at Rightpoint, our survey results and team member sentiments and our areas of opportunity.  Help translate these areas of opportunity into action as it pertains to People programs.  
    • Create your WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) plan for 2020.


    • You will be the go-to person for your team. You will be able to troubleshoot and problem-solve the majority of what they bring to you.  Of course, you’ll know when you need to pull in the head of People Potential but, as it relates to your team, you will pretty much be hitting your stride as their manager.
    • You will have some well-thought out ideas on what we can do to help evolve key HR activities here. The reality is our organization is growing so quickly that we will either need to evolve or implement new programs.  You will have determined what those should be, will have pitched those ideas, and will be well on your way to planning how those can be executed. 
    • Liaise with your HRBP and central staffing teams to surface themes you identify as it pertains to individual team members’ engagement, growth, and development.
    • Be Listener and Escalation-diffuser In Chief. This means interacting with team members at all levels as people, to understand what’s on their mind and address concerns in a manner that is in keeping with Rightpoint values.  We are big on listening, solving issues, and closing loops.


    • As the company grows, there will inevitably be many more programs to develop, implement and manage.  Partner with the team and the rest of the organization with these initiatives.
    • Fully embrace the role of the HR leader that you are!


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    Who We Are

    Intrapreneurship is defined as creating from within, starting something from nothing. And it is at the heart of the people at Rightpoint. We are a values-led organization driven by innovation, rooted in technology and relentlessly curious. We’re a start-up at heart and we’re able to move quickly to build unique, innovative customer experiences that evolve the way our clients do business. 

    Humble Brag

    • Top Workplace Awards: Chicago Tribune – 5 Years!, Dallas Business Journal, Chicago Timmy Awards, and Crain’s Business Detroit
    • Crain's Chicago Fast Fifty of “Fastest Growing Companies,” 4 Years!
    • Best Charitable Organization/Non-Profit Website – Webby Awards
    • Top Partners with Microsoft, Sitecore, and EpiServer
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    Benefits and Perks at Rightpoint

    • Flexible PTO
    • Casual and open office environment
    • Flexible Work Schedule
    • Great insurance coverage and flexible spending accounts
    • 401k with Company Matching
    • Weekly Snack/Drink delivery
    • Regular Cultural & Social Events including: Volunteering, Game Nights, Cultural and Diversity Spotlights, Happy Hours, Team Outings, Intramural Sports, etc.
    • Bi-Weekly Catered Lunches
    • Continuous Training, Certifications, and Learning Opportunities 


    Our Commitment to You

    No matter who you  are, where you come from, who you love, what you believe, or what you geek out about, we bring people together to make great work. That's what makes us Rightpoint!


    EEO Statement

    Rightpoint, a Genpact Company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion or belief, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, military/veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. We are committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect and integrity, customer focus, and innovation.